Team Warne

Craig Outzen

Craig Outzen

“By now what is there to say about the quality of Warne Mounts….another year  of airline travel has passed resulting in countless bangs, drops, and dings from those eternally happy baggage handlers.  Sixteen matches have come and gone with numerous rifle discards into dump barrels, boxes, and tables and I did not experience a single loss or change of zero to my optics mounted in Warne Mounts.  Without question, Warne Mounts are second to none. 

The greater message is the magnitude of support Warne contributes to the shooting community. From supporting our new Jr. Shooters at the MGM shooters camps to countless donations to prize tables across the country, I have not experienced an organization that gives more back to their customers.  Thanks Warne! “

 -Craig Outzen


Shooting Competitively Since: 2006

Hometown: Murray, UT

Recent Accomplishments:

Northwest Multigun Challenge – 1st Place Open Division

Southwest Multigun – 1st Place Open Division

3 Gun Nation Western Regional – 1st Place Open Division

Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun – High LEO Open Division

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