In 1991 Warne Scope Mounts first opened their doors for business, and 25 years later we have grown to a company with products sold in 33 countries, a pioneering and industry leading scope mount manufacturer with a reputation for quality, and an unmatched level of customer service.  Warne is represented by some of the top competitive shooters in the world, and the go-to mount for many of our law enforcement professionals. Warne mounts have earned their place on hunting rifles across the globe for their legendary strength, reliability, and world renown return to zero capabilities.  In celebration of 25 years of business, we would like to thank the people who matter most, our customers, and what is the best way to thank shooting industry customers? Give them more guns!

Throughout the rest of 2016 you will have opportunities to potentially win one of 5 different guns.  We will feature more information on each specific giveaway, and give contest information soon. Here are some of the guns that you will have a chance to win.


One of a kind Armalite featuring a Vortex Strike Eagle, and Venom red dot.



Colt Battle Flag rifle, Leupold VXR Patrol, Troy sights, Hogue grip and stock.


Tikka T3 Hunter 300 Win Mag, Vortex Viper HS 4-16×44.


Stay tuned for more information about how to win these guns, and for more giveaways to be announced.