More difficult than equipping a rifle to hit a target a mile away is to also hit a target 100 yards away with that exact same rifle. Having a great deal of MOA built into the base and mount certainly help when shooting at a mile, but with those mounts being fixed in the amount of elevation they provide, the system as a whole typically loses its ability to hit at close range.

ANGLEYE™ is a new adjustable, extreme long range scope ring system that allows the shooters to adjust between 0 to 90 MOA; maximizing the amount of elevation travel their scope has to offer. ANGLEYE™ features a unique ability to zero a scope at long range using a minimal amount of the scope’s internal adjustment, so that the optic can retain its maximum range of elevation travel. ANGLEYE™ pushes the boundaries of conventional long range shooting wisdom. No longer does a rifle have to sacrifice close range to hit targets at long range. ANGLEYE™ opens the flood gates of what is possible when you remove the adjustment limitations of your optics.

ANGLEYE Rings with spacers

» Adjustable MOA rings allow you to easily set elevation between 0 to
90MOA after you zero your scope, keeping your reticle centered for the
ultimate in long range
» CNC machined from 7075/T6
aluminum for a lightweight & rigid
» Mil-Spec Hardcoat anodized for
durability and scratch resistance.
» Rings feature Triple Torque
caps for maximum scope tube
contact and grip.
» Significantly increases scope’s usable elevation adjustment.
» Available in 30mm and 34mm diameters for maximum compatibility with
most long-range scopes.
» Height adjustable with included riser inserts (3, 6 and 12.5mm additional
» STANAG/Picatinny rail interface