Culture & Lifestyle

Job seekers come to Warne for our competitive pay and benefits, but they stay because of our culture and lifestyle balance. There are many exciting facets to our unique culture but it all starts with our management team. They say a strong organizational culture starts from the top – and they are right! Our management team engages employees to take ownership in the work they do and provides rewards and incentives along the way.

Communication is a key component of our culture. Warne understands that without effective and open communication, breakdowns can upset our momentum. Our employees are provided with communication tools that set the standard for how we interact with each other and we process information between departments to ensure smooth transitions throughout the production cycle – from receipt of an order to on-time and accurate delivery.

And we have fun! Our team coordinates and participates in employee activities ranging from pot-lucks, celebrating accomplishments, spinning the reward wheel for prizes, recognizing birthdays, company picnics, holiday parties, and other fun activities.

Warne Employee Testimonials

“Warne still has the small company family feeling. We may have grown by leaps and bounds but we still know and respect each other. Plus, it doesn’t matter where you start here at Warne, the possibilities are endless for where you can go in the company. You may start out on weekend day 2nd ops but we do not limit our employees or pigeon hole them. You show interest in learning machining, you will probably learn machining. You want to move from assembly into shipping, you will probably be moved into shipping. The biggest thing is that you make the investment in us, we will make the investment in you.”

Lucy B.

“The owner and upper management team at Warne make this one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. They are pleasant to work with, and treat everyone fairly. There is definitely a “family” atmosphere to Warne. Even with our growth, the family feeling is still present.”

Ed M.

“I enjoy working at Warne because the company is growing and open to new ideas.  All my coworker are motivated and hardworking people.  Also, the company has a college reimbursement program that has helped me to get back in school and work toward finishing my bachelor’s degree.”  

Nick M.