We are honored to have so many wonderful customers that use our products. Our Customer Service team gets the opportunity to speak with customers from varied backgrounds who have interesting stories on a daily basis. Every once in a while a truly special customer stands out, with fierce loyalty, appreciation, and general kindness. Edward Palumbo, or “Ed” as he is known around our factory, is definitely one of those customers.

Ed has been stopping by the Warne office occasionally since the early 90’s. With a quick joke, funny story, kind smile and an ever appreciative handshake, Ed has put a smile on our face every time he comes through the door. Ed enlisted into the Marines in 1964 right out of High school. During training he qualified with the M1 Garand, M14, and was later issued and qualified with a M1911A1 because in his words “it’s difficult to juggle a radio handset and a rifle”. He was a field communicator in the 1st Marine Division sent to Vietnam in 1966. 1966 Ed  Lawhon copy

In 1968 Ed was assigned to the 3rd MAW Rifle and Pistol Team, going on to competitively shoot with the Marine Corp until the ammo allotment was reallocated to the war. While apart of the team he challenged doctrine to help train with more realistic scenarios and techniques. By the end of 1968 Ed got out of active duty and would return to the reserves on and off until 1986 when his daughter was born. Ed choose not to reenlist for his daughter, “Early in the marriage, the Marine barracks in Beirut was hit by a suicide bomber in October, 1983, and I think she understood when I returned to active reserves in 1984-86. My daughter was born in January 1986 and I did not reenlist; we get but one opportunity per child to be a Dad.” His daughter is an elementary school teacher and his son was in the navy and now a police officer in California.204 grp 1 (004)

Since his military days, Ed has experienced a variety of professional positions from cardiopulmonary technologist to test technician for a defense contractor, Ed has done it all. He has been a licensed sport parachutist, and remains a certified scuba diver, though his life-long hobby has always been shooting. All of his scoped rifles use Warne mounts, and some of his favorites in his wide collection are a Remington M700 .22-250, a Howa 1500 .223 with a 20-inch heavy barrel and a Howa 1500 in .204 Ruger with a 24 inch barrel.
Ed Thank you. Thank you for being a lifelong loyal customer. Thank you for the treats that appear every time you come around. Thank you for your service to this country and to our shooting sports. M700 Lilja 1 (004)

Ed is still a Technical Writer and Photographer. He has a page that can be reached at https://hubpages.com/@edwardjpalumbo