Installation Instructions

Assembly Instructions for 6103M – Reflex

    • Assemble base and mount with supplied T-10 screws.
    • Orient the base nut to the right or left as desired on your rail
    • Lay top plate on the base so that the arrow points towards the muzzle
    • Remove assembly, starting on the underside of the base insert supplied T-10* screws up through the bottom & loosely tighten all 4 screws
    • Continue to tighten to a max of 25 in/lb
    • Place mount on rail and tighten nut to a max of 65 in/lb
      • *Use longer screws with spacer plate, shorter screws w/o spacer
    • Install reflex sight on to top plate aligning screw holes with top plate, tighten screws to reflex manufacturers recommended torque
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