As we’ve said many times before, Warne Scope Mounts, is always ready to jump on board when there is an opportunity to support junior shooters. This year we’ve sponsored the MGM 3 Gun Junior Camp as well as provided over 35 competition jerseys for each kid associated with the Junior Shooter’s Magazine program. Most recently, we donated a Warne SKEL Mount to each junior (36 total) that attended the Generation III Gun Championship, Sept. 11-12th. Our Sales Director, Ken Flood, competed at the match and then had the opportunity to present the SKEL Mounts at the awards ceremony. As you can see, these juniors were excited! Such a great group of talented shooters.

“Generation III Gun is an exciting nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization focused on promoting the competitive shooting sports to juniors. Junior shooters are the future of the 2nd Amendment. We will strive to educate juniors about the important role that they will play in the future of firearms in this country through the enjoyment and camaraderie of competitive shooting sports. We aim to become the organization that ensures that every junior shooter that wants to attend a 3 gun match can. Our goal is to reimburse junior shooters for every major 3 gun match entry fee. Once that goal is accomplished, we will focus on our ultimate goal of ensuring that any junior that wants to shoot a major match has the resources they need to do so.” –Generation III Gun Website

For more information on this great organization and 3 Gun match, visit their website or Facebook page!