“Ounces are pounds, pounds are pain” –A tenet of back-country hunters.

Tired legs as the only mode of transportation, thin air, heavy feet, months of preparation, and sleepless nights thinking about the hunt culminate into a single moment: placing the crosshair where it needs to be for the perfect shot. Warne® Mountain Tech™ is the pinnacle lightweight precision scope mounting system. Don’t leave your dream hunt to chance. When every ounce matters, and every shot counts, Warne® Mountain Tech™ are the scope mounts you can depend on.

Mt Tech Rail and Rings

» CNC machined 7075/T6 aluminum for high strength and low weight.
» Mil-Spec hardcoat anodized finish for abrasion and corrosion resistance.
» Mil-Spec 65in/lb., ½” tactical nut attachments for secure rail clamping.
» “Element Proof” protected Rings with stainless steel hardware.
» Fit either Picatinny & Weaver style mounts and are NATO-STANAG
» Available for 1″, 30mm and 34mm scopes; in Low, Medium, High, and MSRIdeal
Height; for maximum compatibility with most scope/firearm

The pinnacle of lightweight precision rings and bases. Reduce weight while maintaining superior structural rigidity. Mountain Tech™ rings and rails are designed to handle the harshest conditions Mother Nature can deliver while handling the brutal recoil of lightweight magnum hunting rifles.  Mountain Tech™ is equally at home on precision long-range rifles where nothing short of the best is acceptable. Mountain Tech™ is the latest evolution of Warne® design and performance.