Introduced in 2014, the Warne MSR rings have become a great option for those shooters who require a lightweight, rugged, fixed or quick detachable set of rings for their flattop MSR. The MSR ring design was based on our popular RAMP and XSKEL mounts. Like those mounts, the MSR rings feature a 6061 T6 aluminum ring body and cap, along with steel threaded inserts for the 4 cap screws, as well as steel cross bolts for the highest degree of mounting strength.

MSR Ring Close-up

Unique to the MSR ring line are our anti-rotation pins used to keep the clamps in line. The anti-rotation pins eliminate the chance of the clamp spinning, causing the incorrect side to clamp on the rail, and make for an easier installation process. The quick detach model also features a spring that keeps pressure against the clamp, so the clamp can automatically move in and out as the wing nut is tightened by hand.

MSR Ring Meopta

Warne MSR rings are available in 1 inch, 30mm and 34mm tube sizes. Offered in a matte black anodize finish, the MSR rings are the ideal height for any flattop AR platform rifle. What we consider to be the ideal height for MSR rifles is around 1.5 inches above the flattop rail. Most flip up for fixed sights, as well as red dot and holographic sights will sit somewhere around 1.5 inches above the flattop. Our MSR rings place the center line of the scope tube at 1.435 inches above the flattop. this gives the shooter a solid cheek weld while shooting, while also providing enough space under the eyepiece to clear many styles of flip up sights. Having all of the optics that may be used on one rifle at the same height encourages consistent and proper head placement on the stock.

Jason Chipley - Team Warne pro shooter

Jason Chipley – Team Warne pro shooter

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