OUR PROCESSokk 30mm fixture


Warne Scope Mounts manufacturing process begins with a group highly skilled manufacturing & design engineers with over 60 years of combined experience in the firearms industry. Utilizing the latest 3D modeling software and the finest raw materials available, Warne Scope Mounts are designed, engineered and Made in America, to give the round after round of reliable, Return to Zero confidence you need in the field. Built on Jack Warne’s foundation of both horizontal & vertically split ring designs, Warne Scope Mounts continues to deliver innovative and functional scope mounts to shooters worldwide. WE focus on the details so YOU can focus on the target.


Warne’s Steel Maxima and Tactical scope rings begin their life as sintered steel ring halves. A proprietary powdered metal is pressed through specially designed tooling then on to a high temperature furnace where the base metal is infiltrated with copper to bond and solidify the halves into a high performance steel alloy. The end result is highly repeatable precision net shape parts which are then CNC machined to final dimensions. Our steel manufacturing plant has 10 vertical CNC machines with rotators all capable of running our wide array of rings and a Matsuura 4 axis horizontal manufacturing cell with an 11 pallet changer; this system provides us with the capability of machining several different parts on any given day with virtually no set up. It lends itself to the high volume high mix of products we produce for the large variety of demand we see in the market place. Once machined we hand inspect the ring halves and bead blast them to a satin finish, we then apply an epoxy powder coat, hand assemble, and package into the final product for shipment to our dealers and distributors worldwide.


Our aluminum mounts begin from extruded aluminum alloy. We specifically design our own, high tolerance extrusion dies to ensure our mounts are produced to meet the exacting specifications we require. The aluminum manufacturing plant includes 3 vertical CNC machines with rotators as well as another Matsuura 4 axis horizontal manufacturing cell with 11 pallets. All of our aluminum mounts go through secondary operations where we blast the parts with stainless steel shot to give the matte finish. Our aluminum mounts are then sent out for either an anodize coating or cerakoted finish before final assembly and packaging.


Warne Maxima steel bases are engineered & dimensioned for each specific receiver model, ensuring that your bases will fit perfectly. Our bases are CNC machined from steel bar extrusions and run on dedicated fixtures to ensure that our precise and consistent tolerances are held. Once machined, most of our bases receive the same industry standard bluing as your firearm, for that “made custom” look.


Our process doesn’t end once you’ve mounted your scope in some of the finest mounts in the world. At Warne, we take the feedback from you, our shooters network, field testing and gear punishing 3Gun competitions to continually improve and design our mounting systems. We don’t just make mounts; we use and abuse our products every day so you have the confidence to take your shot of a lifetime; it’s time to SET YOUR SIGHTS ON WARNE.

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