• WSM615M
  • WSM615M
  • 615M 30mm Tactical High Matte Rings


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    Warne Tactical Rings are engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions and situations of tactical shooting applications. Precision CNC machined steel provides strength, ductility and the durability you have come to expect from Warne Scope Mounts. The Maxima Tactical Rings have three primary differences from the rest of the Warne line of rings; a 22% wider body for additional clamping around the scope tube and the mounting base, a 1/2″ hex nut for clamping the ring to the base that easily accepts the Mil-Spec 65 in/lb. of torque; and lastly, the addition of up to eight T-15 Torx style body screws, depending on the ring model for superior holding power.

    • 22% wider ring body provides extra grip around the scope tube.
    • Rings have up to eight T-15 Torx style screws for superior holding, 25 in/lb. of torque recommended.
    • 1/2″ hex nut for clamping the rings to the base, 65 in/lb. of torque recommended.
    • Stainless steel recoil control key for superior recoil absorption.
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    Remove the screws which hold the ring halves together. Insert the steel recoil key (either side is ok). Place the rings around the scope in the approximate position required and loosely install the screws. Firmly tighten the bottom screws and leave the top screws loose enough to adjust the scope for eye relief and the correct orientation of the reticle. Place rings and scope onto bases with recoil keys in the cross slots on the base. With the scope still loose in the rings, slide one ring forward so the recoil lug is contacting the front of the cross slot. Torque the ring nut to 65 in/lbs and repeat for the other ring. Now adjust the scope for eye relief and correct orientation of the reticle. Once both are correct, tighten the top screws to 25 in/lbs. To remove the scope, simply loosen the ½" nut and lift the scope off the mount, tilting slightly to the opposite side of the nut. To re-mount the scope, simply place the rings into the slots the scope was originally mounted in, slide the rings and scope forward until the recoil lugs contact the front of the slot, and tighten the ½" nut. NOTE: The ½" tactical nut screw assembly is pre-set at the factory and does not require any adjustments. Tampering with this screw can cause improper function of the scope rings.