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  • 7675M Winchester 70 Short Action Rail


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    ?Ounces are pounds, Pounds are pain? The credo of the backcountry hunter.? When tired legs are the only mode of transportation. When the air feels thin, and feet feel heavy. When months of preparation, training and sleepless nights thinking about the upcoming hunt culminate into a single moment, placing the crosshair where it needs to be for the perfect shot. Warne Mountain Tech is the ultimate lightweight precision scope mounting system. Don?t leave your dream hunt to chance. When every ounce matters, and every shot counts, Warne Mountain Tech are the scope mounts you can depend on.

    • Precision CNC machined from 7075/T6 aluminum for a high strength & lightweight platform
    • Mil-Spec hardcoat anodized finish for abrasion and corrosion resistance.
    • Bases feature black zinc coated hardware for “Element Proof” protection.
    • Self centering tapered T-15 Torx screws.
    • Fits Picatinny & Weaver style mounts and are NATO-STANAG compatible.
    • Visually inspect your firearm's receiver for burrs around the screw holes and remove if necessary.
    • Remove all oil and grease from the holes in the receiver, the base screws and contact surfaces.
    • Place the scope mount base(s) on the receiver. Check for proper fit and alignment.
    • Using a T-15 wrench (supplied with WARNE rings) loosely install the supplied Torx 15 screws.
    • Firmly tighten screws.* WARNE recommends 25 in/lb torque.
    *WARNE recommends the use of a REMOVABLE thread locking compound for best results.