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  • QD XSKEL34TW, 34mm Quick Detach mounts, Black


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    Warne?s 1 piece QD XSKEL cantilever mount features

    Patent Pending Dual Quick Detach levers and is constructed from 6061 T6 aluminum for a lightweight and rigid foundation. Steel threaded inserts ensure steel on steel contact between all threaded interfaces, and MSR Ideal Height helps the shooter maintain a proper cheek weld and shooting position with any optic on flat top guns. The QDXSKEL gives you a generous forward cantilever for modern scopes while reducing weight with its skeletonized design, and the Return-to-Zero performance that Warne? is known for.

    34mm Black, PN QDXSKEL34TW

    • Patent Pending Dual Quick Detach levers for fast installation and removal
    • Lightweight, Skeletonized aluminum body and caps to reduce overall weight without sacrificing reliability.
    • #8 Torx style fasteners with steel threaded inserts to prevent stripping.
    • ?Extended design provides over 2 inches of forward cantilever for additional eye relief.
    • Places the optic at the IDEAL HEIGHT for MSR and similar style platforms
    • Available in 1 inch, 30mm & 34mm, Black or Dark Earth
    • Designed and MADE IN USA
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    Always verify that your firearm is UNLOADED before performing any service on it. Due to small variances in rail dimensions, Warne® recommends that you first adjust the lever tension to your rail prior to scope mounting. Adjusting the QD Lever Tension Place the QD X-SKEL onto your firearm’s rail*. One at a time, slowly begin closing the QD levers and adjust tensioning nuts until the levers just meet the latch with minor resistance. Warne recommends that you periodically check lever tension and adjust as needed, also re-adjust if mounting on a different firearm(s). *Warne® recommends installing the mount with the cantilever forward and the front cross bolt in the farthest forward slot on AR15 Flat Tops. Mounting Instructions:
    1. Loosen both QD levers on the QD X-SKEL mount and install on your firearm’s rail.
    2. Push the mount towards the muzzle until it stops and close the levers. Latch should “click” into levers with a moderate push and the mount will feel secure on the rail.
    3. Remove the four cap screws from each top cap with the supplied T-15 wrench and remove the top caps.
    4. Place your scope in the mount and replace the top caps and screws. Do not use thread locking compound on cap screws.
    5. Slowly tighten cap screws evenly and leave loose enough to adjust for eye relief.
    6. Level the reticle and tighten the cap screws in a crisscross pattern to 25 in/lb.