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    Fits: Leupold VX-6, All

    The New SwitchView™ by Warne Scope Mounts enables quick and easy adjustment of a scope’s power setting with a simple push or pull of the lever. Simply clamp it around the zoom ring of a variable power scope, and the extended arm gives the proper leverage to turn a stiff power selector ring, or to rapidly move from high to low power and vice versa.


    • Accessory for variable power scopes, enables quick and easy adjustment without moving from your shooting position
    • CNC machined from 6061/T6 aluminum and anodized black for lightweight durability.
    • Perfect for shooters that need to adjust the scope power ring on the fly or in extreme environments where adjustment is difficult, such as hunting while wearing gloves, cold or damp conditions.
    • Available to fit most popular scope models.
    • Proudly made in the USA!
    Switchview Scope fitament long form
    Installation Instructions Always verify that your firearm is UN-LOADED before performing any service on it.
    1. Mount firearm or riflescope in clamping device - installing the Switchview™ will require the use of both hands.
    1. Find the center of travel on the scope’s magnification ring and place a small mark at the center point as reference when positioning.
    1. Apply one drop of lubricant to the ball or socket of the Switchview™ and assemble the two parts. Due to close manufacturing tolerances and variances in anodizing thickness, it may be necessary to GENTLY “work” the fitting of the two parts to lubricate the joint.
    1. Slide the Switchview™ over the eyepiece and onto the magnification ring. NOTE: The ball/socket must be disconneted in order to install the Switchview™ on scopes with an illumination adjustment knob.
    1. Align the Switchview™ lever with your previously marked center reference point. Insert the allen screw and tighten to 2.2 in/lbs with supplied wrench. Tighten the screw only to the point at which the Switchview™ is SNUG on the scope and does not slip when rotated. NOTE: When properly installed, a gap will remain between the two parts at the screw connection.
    1. Test to ensure the Switchview™ is in the best position for your preference. To adjust its position, simply loosen the screw and re-position the Switchview™ to a more comfortable position. Then re-tighten the screw and test new position. Do not over tighten.