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A versatile, multipurpose model may do the job, but you find yourself requiring more durability or application-specific precision. As one example, you may discover or hear from fellow shooters that a 34mm scope is better suited to tactical usage and related applications.

For this reason, more and more 34mm scopes have entered the market in recent years, turning into a visible specialty segment.

Understanding Scopes and Rings

Early on, you may have thought that any scope and mount combination is sufficient to go out into the outdoors. You might not have thought about your base or rail adapter or the rings supporting the scope. Soon, you find yourself missing or notice you regularly need to adjust your optics.

In this scenario, your scope and mount play a crucial role: if the parts aren't compatible, you're shortchanging yourself - especially if you're just starting out.

As a guideline, your scope rings must match the diameter of your scope's tube: a 30mm or one-inch ring won't cut it with a 34mm scope. Added to this, the scope sits at a distance above the rifle's bore, indicated by the height. A scope or mount should ideally be as close to the rifle as possible without directly touching the surface to allow for optimal cheek weld.

Warne Scope Mounts' 34mm Scope Rings

To help you get a precise build that improves your accuracy, Warne Scope Mounts offers the following lines of 34mm scope rings:

  • Mountain Tech: Mountain Tech 34mm scope rings feel lightweight, but they perform like champions in demanding environments. Each set of rings is constructed out of 7075 aluminum and features stainless steel hardware.
  • Maxima QD: Warne Scope Mounts' Maxima line is known for its straightforward, vertically split design and convenient, intuitive installation. The Maxima QD rings feature a unique index-able lever system: the user can remove and then re-attach the optics without losing their settings and can then index the lever position once the rings are secured to the base or rail.
  • Maxima Fixed Ring Series: These Maxima 34mm scope rings fit into the cross slots of a Weaver-style base and offer a no-slip positive recoil surface across the full slot, thanks to stainless-steel recoil control added to the front and back. These scope rings also include a significantly wider band for a greater clamping surface that keeps the scope stable and secure during use.