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As a defining feature for multiple models, Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) firearms are equipped with an integrated dovetail for mounting a scope ring. Warne Scope Mounts crafts our CZ rings for the 19mm CZ 550 and 557 and the 16mm CZ 527, utilizing sturdy steel and a split vertical configuration built to handle large, heavy scopes and strong recoil.

CZ Firearm Models

CZ 550

A series of bolt-action hunting rifles equipped with either medium- or magnum-size cartridges, the CZ 550's design was influenced by Mauser action to an extent. CZ has since adapted the rifle to suit the modern hunter's needs. In addition to two non-locking lugs and a non-rotating extractor for more control, the CZ 550 offers adjustable trigger pull-weight, a bolt sleeve and a bolt disassembly take-down.

CZ 557

CZ designed the CZ 557 as an upgrade to the Sporter, offering a longer barrel, more durable pistol grip and no sights.

CZ 527

The CZ 527 is a hunting rifle based on a .223-length action, making it the smallest of CZ's centerfire line. Using Mauser action on a smaller scale, the CZ 527 has no sights and includes a 16mm dovetail for mounting your optics.

Warne Scope Mounts' CZ Rings

All three CZ rifles are designed with built-in dovetails. This eliminates the need for mounting a base before attaching your ring and streamlines the use of optics by letting the shooter mount their scope directly to the rifle.

Warne Scope Mounts' Maxima CZ rings are crafted to the specific tolerances, fit and function of CZ rifles, attaching directly to the factory dovetail on the receiver. Options include:

  • CZ Quick Detach Rings: Compatible with the 19mm dovetail of the CZ 550 and the 16mm of the CZ 527, these scope rings ensure a proper fitment for your scope with T-15 Torx style socket-cap screws and provide a permanent optics mounting solution.
  • CZ Fixed Rings: CZ Fixed Rings can be permanently secured to the factory dovetails and are compatible with the CZ 550's 19mm dovetail and the CZ 527's 16mm dovetail. Four T-15 Torx-style screws let you ensure a secure fitment for your scope.