Warne has had the privilege of working with veterans and members of our military for years.  That connection has given us the opportunity to help provide some extra training for our guardsman in the Portland area. In the summer of 2017, Warne sponsored two training events to help improve marksmanship fundamentals.



Soldiers from the Portland area National Guard Honor Guard were preparing for the upcoming Adjutant General Match (TAG Match). The annual TAG match is for soldiers and airmen in the Oregon National Guard to voluntarily compete for top shot. The Portland area Honor Guard unit formed a team, and reached out to Warne for some extra Pistol training. Our VP of Sales, Ken Flood, is an incredible pistol shooter with many years of competitive shooting experience including USPSA and IDPA. He has organized, and won many matches, and was more than willing to donate an afternoon to giving these local soldiers an extra edge. After thousands of rounds were expended, fundamentals relearned, the team started to see consistently tighter groups. Warne wishes the Portland Honor Guard the best of luck in future matches.

At the very tail end of summer, Warne put on an Advanced Fundamental Rifle (AFR) Course for soldiers from the mounted infantry unit, Dog Company 2-162 out of Hillsboro, Oregon. Eight soldiers came out to improve their marksmanship skills, and to get a better qualification score for their record. Army qualification scores are scored off of how many hits a soldier gets out of 40 possible targets. They are ranked from Marksman (24-29 targets hit), Sharpshooter (30-35 targets hit) and Expert (36-40 targets hit).  Dog Co. Non-Commissioned officers were in attendance to verify that all scores were correct, and that the qualification was within regulations according to the Alt-C qualification standard. Sig ElectroOptics donated ROME07 red dots to put on Warne’s AR15’s to best replicate, and fall within Army regulations for the purpose of a qualification. Soldiers were able to work on positional shooting, as well as tighten up shot groups at varying distances. Utilizing the training, each soldier came in without a qualification score, or the lowest level of marksmanship awarded, and each soldier left the class as an expert.  Warne will continue to provide AFR courses for Dog Company with the intention of getting soldiers in the unit qualified as expert marksman.  


Warne supports and appreciates the mission that our Citizen soldiers provide for us. Warne looks forward to the future classes and events.