Warne welcomes Brian Motland as its new VP of Operations.  Brian grew up in Montana camping, fishing and hunting with his family.  In high school Brian learned the value of hard work while filling part time jobs at several local farms.  He attended Montana School of Mines and earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering while remaining close to the nature Montana has to offer.  After college he moved to the Portland area and launched a 16 year career, from Mechanical Engineer to Director of Operations overseeing a manufacturing operation in excess of 350,000 square feet and 800 employees.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring Brian on at Warne.  His background in Process and Design Engineering coupled with his Lean Manufacturing experience will make a great addition at Warne. I am pleased we were able to add a perfect cultural match with high energy to the Warne Team,”  said Dan Goetz, CEO of Warne.

Brian has an awesome, supportive wife of 16 years, and three great kids. Brian plans on continuing the family tradition of spending as much time outdoors as possible, pursuing his hobbies of archery, shooting, running and cycling.