From the beginning of her journey at Warne, to climbing her way up the company ladder, Lucy Brisack has made her temporary position at Warne into a nine and half year career and a second home. She enjoys a good challenge and her passion for problem-solving and scheduling have played a major influence in becoming a Production Scheduler. Outside of work, she loves spending time at home with her husband of nineteen years and six-year-old daughter. She and her family love the outdoors and she loves the challenge that comes from playing video games like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed as well as studying history such as World War II.

As her love for learning history continued to grow, Lucy decided to go to college to become a history teacher until she started working at Warne. She began in assembly where she learned and memorized all aspects of each product through her mentor, Dan Goetz, the current owner of Warne Scope Mounts and Moon Truong who taught her everything about assembly and not to be afraid to ask questions. While Warne didn’t have an ERP system at the time, this advanced her skills in detailed writing and long term memory until she knew the whole make up of Warne. Dan recognized this and later promoted her up to Assembly Lead where she went to receive her certification in Leadership at Clackamas Community College. From there, she continued to advance in the company from Assembly Lead to Scheduler to working both positions, but later stepped down from Assembly Lead to focus all of her attention as a Production Scheduler.

“It doesn’t matter where you start. If you want to learn more, you can here.”

As Production Scheduler, Lucy ensures that products go out to consumers without any hiccups. Throughout Warne, she is known as a superuser of the ERP system. She partners up with the sales department by receiving national and international orders and prioritizes them for manufacturing. As the only scheduler, her role plays a big part in keeping production on schedule, however, she never lets the pressure of scheduling for production overwhelm her. She comes to work excited to start another day working at Warne and always makes sure that everyone is treated with the same amount of respect and importance. With that, she has the ability to help everyone work closer together as a team and family.

“I don’t think I would have the confidence in my skills without the opportunities that Warne has given me.”