About Us

At Warne we’re passionate about designing, manufacturing and selling world class MADE in USA firearms accessories.

Warne, designed for Shooters by Shooters!

Confidence in Every Shot!

  • Brian Motland CEO

    I was born and raised in Montana and I’ve been hunting and shooting for as long as I can remember. Firearms and the respect of the great outdoors have always been a large part of my life and I’m proud to say I am passing that down to my children. I joined Warne in 2017 and turned my passion into my profession. I love everything about Warne and this industry, it is the perfect fit for me!

  • Ken Flood VP of Sales

    My journey with firearms began when I was 6 or 7, shooting targets and hunting rabbit, squirrel and quail with my father in Missouri. My love is competitive shooting and I have competed in USPSA, IDPA, NRA High Power, Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays and the Precision Rifle Series. I have also been a match director for local and national-level competitions.

  • Randy Parks Director of Marketing & Customer Service

    I grew up hunting the wheat fields of Eastern Oregon, fishing for salmon in the Pacific ocean, backpacking and camping around the Pacific NW. I started at Warne in 2011 as the “tech guy” and enjoy shooting, talking about, photographing and marketing all things firearms

  • Victor Ianciuc Director of Operations

    I consider myself fortunate to be able to say hobby and career in the same breath. Whether it is designing, testing or making the product—above all, it’s the passion of this industry and the incredible community that we serve that makes it worthwhile. Besides reloading mags and running the bolt, my weekends are spent with family in the beautiful PNW outdoors!

  • Justyn Schmidt Sales Manager

    My passion for the firearms industry me to my career at Warne in 2012. I started at Warne in Tech Services and moved to a Sales Manager role a few years later. I enjoy spending as much time in the outdoors with my family as I can, and my idea of a good time involves chasing mule deer, elk or waterfowl in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Leilani Smith Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Artist

    Since 2007, I’ve worked in many capacities at Warne – My passion is graphic design and the creative processes that market the Warne brand. I also enjoy managing Team Warne and event sponsorships which has given me a love for the 2A and the shooting sports community. At home, I savor time with my husband, 2 boys and dog – we’re always up for an adventure!

  • Sean Ash Senior Tech Support

    I enjoy everything our industry & our community has to offer. I constantly look for ways to learn as much as I can to better assist our customers and educate new shooters. “There is no such thing as a dumb question.” I am a NRA certified firearms instructor, RSO, own a gunsmithing business on the side and huge advocate for our community and lifestyle. I enjoy talking “shop” and flying the WARNE flag.

  • Chris DeMartini Sales Coordinator

    Since as long as I can remember I have loved firearms and am so grateful to be a part of the industry that is my passion. Don’t tell anyone here, but I grew up in California and can truly appreciate the freedoms. I love busting clays, shooting steel, and collecting old historical pieces. If I’m not shooting, I’m skiing, kayaking, or enjoying time with family.