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Choosing the scope bases to fit your specific firearm is very important. Fortunately, many firearms manufacturers will manufacture their firearms to work with accessories based on very popular existing actions. Take the Remington Model 700 many other manufactures with shape their actions and drill holes mounted on that action. Some companies due to the design requirements may have to have very specific mounts and even some models have built in bases for example some Tikka models. Be sure to use our Parts Finder tool you ensure you find correct fit for your firearm. 

Warne is a world class leader in optic mounting solutions. We manufacturer 2-piece Weaver style bases for those wanting a low-profile sleek appearance and we make Picatinny rail bases for those who need more mounting positions on their rifle to get the perfect eye relief they require. We have different product lines to cover your shooting endeavors whether you are Serious back country hunter, pro competition shooter or casual hunter/shooter who simply wants a scope base they can depend on. We got you covered.