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One-inch scopes are a popular choice for many rifles. If you are one of the legions of shooters who have purchased the best scope and rifle you can afford, don't overlook getting a quality one-inch scope mount to complete your setup.

As the connection between the part that helps you aim to the piece that does the actual firing, a high-quality scope mount is crucial. You want a mount that won't move, throw off your aim or worse, damage your scope.

Here at Warne Scope Mounts, we offer a big selection of one-inch scope rings and mounts. That gives you the freedom to find exactly the right mount for your application.

Design and manufacture these mounts right here in the U.S. and back them up with our ironclad warranty. That means you can buy and shoot with total confidence.

After all, venturing into the field or on to the range is no time to discover your scope mount is crapping out on you. Designed by shooters for shooters, these mounts provide a precise fit. They will give you confidence in every shot you take.

Light and Reliable Scope Mounts

You will find aluminum scope mounts here designed to provide the ideal height for modern sporting rifles. Available with skeletonized bodies, our MSR mounts are extremely light in weight yet very durable and reliable.

For eye-relief and extra space behind the mount for accessories lie the Warne A645 45 side-mount adapter, you can choose a two-inch forward cantilever scope mount. One-inch scopes are available here in a variety of finishes ranging from black or blue to dark earth or mil-spec OD green.

QD Mounts

If you want the ability to quickly change scopes in the field, check out our quick-detach mounts. Boasting incredible holding power and an elegant design, these QD mounts let you quickly attach and reattach optics without the loss of zero.