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30mm Scope Rings

Count on 30 mm scope rings from Warne Scope Mounts for reliable performance shot after shot.

Gear seems like second nature to you now, but early on, an experienced sportsman or firearm enthusiast likely taught you about the importance of precision. You don't aim - you look through the sight or scope. What you see isn't always what you're going to get in terms of aim. If you're going to be using a 30 mm scope and mount, your mount and rings need to complement your build.

More importantly, your 30 mm scope rings need to be able to handle the recoil of each shot. Rifles have recoil, and that sudden jarring can have an effect on your scope. All the work you do for sighing and lining up each shot can be thrown in the trash after just one shot if your scope rings aren't built to handle it.

At Warne Scope Mounts, we have decades of experience making shooting accessories that built to last. We have one of the industry's best reputations for quality because we use premium materials and precision manufacturing here in the U.S. And because we are shooting enthusiasts just like you, we understand the finer points of the sport and the role scope rings play in accuracy and performance.

Understanding 30 mm Diameter

Scopes and subsequently their mounts and rings are classified by tube diameter, with 1-inch and 30 mm being the two most common options. The ring or base is where the scope and mount will be secured to the firearm. If these components don't line up or aren't fully secure, the scope will move around, especially from recoil. Your shots, in turn, won't hit where you expected, and you'll find yourself regularly adjusting your gear due to the fit.

Realize that the diameter isn't the only factor you have to consider. Ring height area and correct height help ensure proper cheek weld and allow for more consistent groups.

Warne Scope Mount 30 mm Scope Rings

Just as some firearms are better suited to certain applications, 30 mm scope rings are no exception. Designing and engineering all products in the U.S., Warne Scope Mounts crafts firearm-and scope-specific rings and mounts, taking construction and compatibility into account. For 30 mm rings, we offer the following options:

  • Maxima: The holding power and profile grab attention and in use, the sturdy, vertically split design proves to be one of the strongest scope rings available especially considering the price.
  • Maxima Horizontal: Proprietary sintered steel technology delivers consistent strength and precision, along with classic lines, excellent holding strength and straightforward installation.
  • Mountain Tech: These lightweight 7075 aluminum scope rings hold their own with an element-proof design complete with stainless steel hardware that adapts from mountain rifle to precision target rifle.
  • Tactical: 30 mm scope rings in this line handle the most demanding shooting applications and conditions, thanks to precision CNC machined steel, a larger body for clamping, eight T-15 Torx body screws, and a hex nut that withstands Mil-Spec 65 in/lb. of torque.
  • 1 Piece Cantilever MSR Mount: Designed to have the "Ideal Height" for Modern Sporting Rifles, the XSKEL places the optic at the proper height and forward position on AR platforms. Skeletonized design along with steel hardware and threaded inserts provides a lightweight and rigid mounting platform.

Browse all 30 mm scope rings based on construction and application. Standing by our approach and the quality of our products, we offer all of them with a lifetime warranty.

Or if you have questions, contact our shooting experts today. We can answer your most detailed questions about your rifle and point you toward scope rings that help improve your experience. With Warne Scope Mounts 30 mm scope rings, you'll gain confidence in every shot.