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36mm Scope Rings

If you have been scouting all the 36mm scope rings for sale, why not go with the best? Designed and made here in the U.S., the Maxima 36mm scope rings available from Warne Scope Mounts are the best in their class.They offer American-made quality at a fair price.

Delivering incredible holding power and an elegant profile, our Maxima scope rings are the strongest on the market. They feature a vertically split design that is simple but strong. Installation is a cinch.

Choose from Maxima QD Rings or the Maxima Fixed Ring Series when you shop here.

Quick-Detach Rings

If you want the ability to quickly change your scopes in the field without loss of zero, our Maxima QD Rings are for you. When you use these rings with our all-steel Warne Maxima Bases, we guarantee return to zero accuracy when removing or reattaching your optic.

Each ring comes with a recoil key, quality Torx-style socket-cap screws, and two halves for easy installation. If you need to switch from a 1-6 scope to a 3-18 scope, you can do it easily and simply with a few quick turns of the levers. The indexable lever system lets you place the levers in any position you want.

Our QD rings have unique square stainless steel recoil control keys. The recoil control key ensures a positive recoil engagement surface across the whole face of the recoil slot in the base.

That means the rings won't shift, even under heavy recoil. This design also protects against peening or swaging when mounted on aluminum bases.

Fixed Rings

Our Maxima Fixed Ring Series fit Warne bases, Weaver-style cross-slot bases, and mil-spec Picatinny style bases and rails. They use a Warne square stainless steel recoil control key in the front and rear rings.

This produces a no-slip positive recoil surface across the base's entire slot to withstand the heaviest recoil. It also protects against swaging or peening of bases when used on softer or less durable materials.

Permanent attachment to the base or rail is fast and easy. Unlike horizontally split designs, these vertically split rings offer superior holding ability. They will hold just about anything you want to put on a gun.