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Count on red dot mounts and other sight mounts from Warne Scope Mounts to assist your accuracy.

Red dot sights are valuable tools for shooters in a variety of applications, including hunting, competitive and tactical situations. In a nutshell, a red dot sight is not a scope. While it does use glass, it offers no magnification. It simply places a small dot in your aim for assisting in lining up a shot.

The tech behind red dot sights is actually pretty clever - magicians have used the same principle for decades in the well-known Pepper's Ghost illusion. Because there is no magnification involved, red dot sights have a number of uses in close- to mid-range environments:

  • Education: New shooters can use the dot to learn about aiming.
  • Options: More advanced shooters with developed builds have red dot sights available on the side so they can utilize a wider field of view.
  • Simplicity: A good red dot can be more reliable than iron sights.
  • Speed: In certain positions, these sights help line up a shot more rapidly.

Our collection of red dot sight mounts gives you plenty of options, from rail type to positioning. Whether you need a standard rail mount or an angled side mount, you'll find a mount made with precision machining and superior materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum for lightness and durability - ounces are pounds and pounds are pain, after all.

Contact us today and tell us more about how you like to use red dot sights. We'll help you find a red dot sight that enhances your build quality and helps you enjoy your shooting experience.