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Count on rimfire scope rings from Warne Scope Mounts to give your build a boost in quality.

Centerfire ammunition may dominate the firearms market, but for sporting and small game, many prefer the action of a rimfire rifle. Warne Scope Mounts wants customers to have confidence in every shot: in turn, we engineer and design quality firearms accessories in the U.S., crafting firearm-specific scope mounts and rings with precise fitment and construction. Rimfire rifles, known for less recoil, are no exception.

What is a Rimfire Rifle?

The first rimfire ammunition emerged in the 1840s with the creation of the .22 round, a self-contained cartridge that streamlined the process of using a firearm. A small amount of primer, coupled with powder, gives a rimfire cartridge its momentum: When the rifle's hammer hits the casing, the bullet is released. Although other mechanisms have emerged over the decades, the rimfire and centerfire make up the majority of the 21st-century market.

In terms of power and distance, both have their pros and cons. Many sportsmen and hunters continue to reach for a rimfire due to its accuracy and, tying to this, decreased recoil.

Decreased recoil is still recoil, however. If your scope rings can't handle this exertion of force, then your scope will quickly become irrelevant - unless you like adjusting your scope's attachment after every shot. If you have time for that, you do you. Most shooters, however, rely on their scope to stay in position, whether they are on the hunt, in a competition or just enjoying a day on the range.

Warne Rimfire Scope Mounts and Rings

That's where our rimfire scope rings come into play. We have decades of experience manufacturing high-quality shooting accessories, and our Warne rimfire rings are an excellent example. We rely on precision machining and superior materials for our products.

Practice makes perfect, but so does the right gear when it comes to your aim. Warne Scope Mounts started as a retirement project of John Llewellyn Warne, after spending decades designing rifle barrels, sporting, and industrial firearms, and the accessories to go with these instruments. Warne Scope Mounts' defining product has been a quick detachable scope mounting system, designed for the informed enthusiast and constructed with small, extremely precise, and superbly finished pieces weighing just a few ounces and delivering optimal performance.

Our rimfire scope rings stand up to this legacy. We craft these scope rings to fit the 3/8 inch and 11 mm dovetail formations on most rimfire rifles. Made out of durable steel, each rimfire scope ring uses a 70/30 split horizontal design for precision and support.

Shop multiple sizes of rimfire rings, in addition to Picatinny rail adapters and bases. We stand by the construction of our firearms accessories and support them with a lifetime warranty: no receipt, no warranty card, no package, no problem.

What kind of rimfire models do you own, and how do you like to use them? Contact us today and tells us all about them. We'll help you find the best scope rings for your preferred application. With Warne Scope Mounts, you'll gain confidence in every shot.