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Some shooters prefer 30mm or 34 mm riflescopes, especially for taking longer shots, because they offer more adjustment range. If you are looking for a 34mm scope mount to provide a sturdy bridge between your scope and your rifle, you have come to the right place.

Products like our LR-SKEL Mount offer 20 MOA built-in slope for long-range shooting through additional elevation adjustment in your optic when shooting ranges over 600 yards. Whether you are a hunter or an MSR rifle shooter or competitor, the big selection of 34mm scope rings and mounts available at Warne Scope Mounts gives you the freedom to find exactly what's right for your application.

Besides offering you plenty of choices, we deliver top quality. Each Warne 34mm mount has been designed and made in the U.S. by shooters for shooters.

Light Weight, Sturdy Build

We use premium materials like aircraft-grade aluminum. Light in weight, these mounts and rings are sturdy and strong. They will stand up to the weather and the harsh conditions and hard knocks that are sometimes unavoidable in the field. Your aim will stay true because these products provide a rigid, stable mounting platform.

For even lighter weight, some of these mounts are available with a skeletonized design. This can decrease weight up to 30%. Especially on deep backcountry forays, packing fewer pounds will help you go longer and stronger.

Our ultra-high MSR scope mounts are designed to provide the ideal height for those using modern sporting rifles. Products like our brand-new Skyline Precision Cantilever Mounts have a two-inch cantilever for optimal eye relief.

Each mount has 10 unique interfaces for accessories like a level, data card holder, and accessory rails. The quick-detach design makes swapping out scopes fast, easy, and effective.