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Having the right tool for the job can make the difference between frustration and perfection. This is especially true when it comes to firearms.

Shooters want dependability, accuracy, and safety with their rifles. To achieve those goals, everyone should have the right rifle sighting tools handy and accessible.

Designed for Warne scope mounts, these tools will help you do installations, maintenance, and repairs easily, quickly, and effectively. Put them in your range bag or backpack to have them on hand in the field.

We like to say these tools are the next best thing to bringing a gunsmith along. And they weigh a lot less too!

TW Torque Wrench

Our TW1 Torque Wrench makes it a breeze to install or re-install Warne mounting systems. Its simple breakaway design lets you know when you have tightened the Torx T-15 screws to Warne's recommended torque of 25 inch-pounds.

Ideal for Warne bases and rings, this tool makes installs a no-brainer. It is not for use on aluminum receiver firearms.

RT-1 Range Tool

Compact and handy to carry in your range bag or backpack, our RT-1 Range Tool is a true multitasker. This durable multitool includes a dozen of the most popular driver bits for basic firearms maintenance and scope adjustment in the field.

Drive bits include Allen heads in a variety of sizes, three Torx driver sizes, a pin remover (size: 0.1 inch), a flat blade screwdriver head, and a #2 Phillips screwdriver head.

TW65 Torque Wrench

Our TW65 Torque Wrench lets you precisely tighten a 1/2-inch hex nut to the correct torque setting of 65-inch pounds. The tool beeps and a red light activates when you have achieved the right torque. This handy tool also includes a 1/2-inch socket, a must for installing Warne's MSR and tactical-style mounts.