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Warne is located in Tualatin, Oregon and has a long rich history. As a team, we are dedicated to our products, our processes, our customers and our employees. Our employees are loyal and passionate about the firearms industry and take pride in the products they produce. Warne offers competitive compensation and benefits to our employees and as a company, we are committed to maintaining a positive and enriching organizational culture

Shooters want the gear they use to be reliable and ensure there will be zero failures when the shot of a lifetime presents itself. If you are passionate about your gear and want to be part of a team making reliable consumer products, we are currently looking for highly qualified employees.


Working at Warne


Recognizing the unique value that each person brings to the team is part of what makes working here a positive and rewarding experience. But there’s more!

Hiring people who have ambition, who are passionate about the industry and the contribution they make, and who are dedicated to making Warne a better place to work – every day – is what makes us stand out. Warne is a great place to work because our people make it that way.

Because our employees have a common goal, we are focused on collaboration and engaging members of their team to provide input and ideas to help the company continue to grow and be successful. We recognize the value each person brings to the organization, in fact, some of our best new processes and products started with an employee’s brilliant idea.

Warne employees are provided with a multitude of opportunities to continue to grow and develop their skills through company-sponsored internal training, outside seminars and workshops, opportunities to attend industry events, and continuing formal education. We believe that investing in our employees’ future is investing in our company’s future.

Warne is the industry leader in firearm scope mounting systems and accessories because of the people who work here!

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