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A bipod is essential for any sportsman or hunter expecting to do prone shots. When you have to crouch down or shoot closer to the ground, a bipod helps you achieve the stability and accuracy you need from this position and provides a more ergonomic solution.

Since 1991, Warne Scope Mounts has developed firearm-specific fitments. Shooters ourselves, we think from your perspective to develop compact, precise solutions that help you get confidence in every shot, every time. For these types of shooting applications, Warne Scope Mounts offers a selection of bipods and corresponding accessories:

Warne Skyline Precision Bipod

If you have yet to use our Skyline Precision Bipod, you'll find it one of the most functional, versatile, and durable solutions available.

Constructed out of 6061 T6 and 7075 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and including steel components, the Skyline Precision Bipod attaches directly to your rifle's Picatinny rail or ARCA interface and lets you efficiently make single-hand adjustments out in the field. Because you'll be shooting in a range of environments, our bipod provides smooth cant and panning to adapt to uneven, rough surfaces and delivers accuracy even when you're in an uncomfortable, less-ergonomic position.

Bipod Rail Adapters

Your bipod and rail system on your rifle may not entirely be compatible. Giving you greater use and versatility amongst your shooting supplies, we have created rail adapters for swivel-stud and Atlas® bipods. These convert the bipod's interface to the ARCA rail system present on several precision and chassis rifles and let you switch from a Picatinny to an ARCA interface with ease.

Our Sling Swivel rail adapter gives shooters the option of attaching additional rail accessories to their rifle's fore-end without having to detach the existing swivel. This easily installed solution works for bipods without compromising the attachment point for your rifle's sling.

Other Bipod Accessories

Warne Scope Mounts considers the full experience - and everything you could encounter - as you're out in the field using your rifle with a bipod. To help you continue improving your accuracy and feel more confident and comfortable, our range of bipod accessories includes extension legs for adjusting the height, feet for when you need a greater grip on less solid or stable terrain, and foot adapters for aftermarket feet. Explore your options now.