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1 Inch Scope Rings

Warne Scope Mounts' 1-inch scope rings offer you strong performance and high quality for upgrading your shooting experience.

Thanks to technology's pace, shooting enthusiasts have a tremendous number of options for rifle scopes. Shooters can select a wide variety of options for improved clarity, accuracy and even a bit of electronic assistance. All those improvements and tools, however, can't change two key facts:

  • What you see isn't always what you get. Experience shooters know that you look through the glass for aiming, and that the scope is only a guide.
  • All your sighting prep can be undone with one shot. Rifles pack a punch, and if your scope rings aren't built to handle that recoil, the scope those rings hold quickly becomes worthless.

That's why Warne's 1-inch scope rings are made proudly in the U.S. with precision engineering and premium materials. Made with your rifle's specifications in mind, these rings help bond your scope to your rife shot after shot. With Warne, you gain confidence in every shot.

Scope ring size is based on the scope tube's diameter between the eyepiece and turrets and the turrets and bell. The two most common options are one-inch and 30 mm scopes, although other specialty sizes for specific shooting applications exist.

With one inch being the most common diameter out there, most shooters start with this scope size, although a 30mm tends to offer stronger durability in more demanding conditions.

Scopes and Scope Rings

The rings support your scope and ensure proper fitment, keeping it in place and ensuring a more accurate aim, and attach either to a base or a Picatinny rail. As a starting place for accuracy, rings and bases need to be suited for the same rifle design, and the rings and scope need to be of the same diameter.

Height is another consideration for your scope ring. In millimeters, height reflects how far the scope will sit above the firearm's bore. Shooters generally want to have a height closer to the rifle's body to make fewer adjustments out in the wild. In general, the scope or mount sits as close to the rifle as possible without directly touching the surface for optimal cheek weld.

You should also think about securing components to your rifle. Bases are screwed into the pre-drilled grooved recesses, and you will clamp the ring onto the base or rail using a hex or Torx head tool. In vertical and horizontal configurations, scope rings are secured around the scope.

Warne Scope Mounts' One-Inch Scope Rings

In considering all environments where you could be using your rifle, our one-inch scope rings include:

  • Warne Mountain Tech: Constructed out of 7075 aluminum, Warne Mountain Tech one-inch scope rings are suited to both mountain and precision target rifles and built to handle a wide spectrum of outdoor conditions.
  • Warne Maxima QD: QD one-inch scope rings feature a vertically split design with an index-able lever system. The user can then remove their optics and reattach them without their settings.
  • Warne Maxima Fixed Ring Series: These one-inch scope rings are compatible with Weaver-style bases and add a Warne square stainless-steel recoil control key to the front and back, allowing for a no-slip positive recoil surface along the full base slot. The result holds up to the largest amount of recoil out of all Warne scope rings.
  • Warne Maxima Horizontal: These Maxima one-inch scope rings incorporate our proprietary sintered steel technology for a high degree of strength and precision. Maxima Horizontal rings further provide ease of installation, a recoil key and our return-to-zero guarantee.

Contact our shooting experts today and tell us about your model and applications for it. We'll help you find the best 1-inch scope rings for your needs.