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Scope rings attach to a Picatinny or Weaver rail, a scope base or directly to the grooved recesses on the receiver, and they are a keystone of your build. As a company started by shooters crafting our products for shooters, Warne Scope Mounts offers a selection of best-in-class, firearm-specific scope rings.

About Scope Rings

For a general review, rings ensure proper scope fitment on your rifle, securing to the base or a rail or in some cases directly to the firearm itself. For a precise, secure fit, bases and rings should be from the same manufacturer and sized for the same rifle. The scope or mount will then sit as close to the rifle as possible to allow for proper cheek weld.

Scope rings themselves are sized based on the diameter of the scope’s tube. One-inch tubes dominate the market, followed by 30mm. Specialty applications may require a scope with a 20mm or 34mm tube and a corresponding set of rings. As the first step for ensuring accuracy, select your ring based on your scope’s tube diameter.

As a second factor, scope rings are available in a choice of heights, which indicate how far the scope will sit above the rifle’s bore and are based on the size of the scope’s ocular bell. A closer fit tends to translate to fewer adjustments. Heights for scope rings typically include 32mm, 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 44mm and 50mm options.

As soon as you have your rings and base, you will need to secure them with your scope to your rifle. Rings are built to clamp onto your base or rail and may require a hex or Torx head tool for this purpose. Rings are secured horizontally or, as is the case with many of Warne Scope Mounts’ models, vertically.

Warne Scope Mounts’ Scope Rings

Across one-inch and 30mm sizes, as well as specialty options, Warne Scope Mounts’ rings include:

  • Mountain Tech: Our lightweight-yet-rugged scope ring crafted for use with a mountain or precision target rifle using 7075 aluminum with stainless steel hardware for tougher resistance against the elements.
  • Maxima: Providing straightforward installation, our Maxima line includes QD rings, offering easy snap-in-place attachment once the lever is tightened; the Fixed Ring Series, ensuring a no-slip positive recoil surface and wider band; and Maxima Horizontal, featuring our proprietary sintered steel technology for modern strength and traditional form.
  • Tactical: We’ve designed these scope rings to withstand the most demanding applications and conditions, using precision CNC-machined steel for durability.
  • Vapor™: Our Vapor scope rings compose our economical line that delivers the performance you seek and ease of installation at starter-level price point.