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With scope bases from Warne Scope Mounts, you can equip your build for shooting success.

The market is filled with intriguing, exciting scopes for rifles that offer upgrades for your shooting experience. Thanks to improvements in glass quality and electronics, those scopes and other accessories offer a few advances that shooters didn't have a decade ago.

But all those advanced features mean nothing if they can't truly become one with your build.

A quality scope requires a quality base, and Warne scope mounts are some of the best in the business for giving scopes a stable, dependable platform. We understand the ins and outs of many different brands of rifles, and craft our mounts for perfect fitment. We also use high-quality materials rated for strength and lightness.

Warne Scope Mounts understands that having a high-quality scope base or rail and rings is one significant step toward accuracy and best-in-class, compact firearm-specific fitments. Here's what you need to know when searching for a scope base.

What is a Scope Base?

Not every rifle will need a scope base. For those that do, scope bases are an integral aspect of your build. The base is screwed into the pre-drilled grooved recesses on the receiver to support a set of rings and the scope itself.

Scope bases come in one- and two-piece configurations, with the latter being more common. Compatibility is based on your rifle's design: the holes in your scope base need to line up with the factory drilled and tapped ones on your firearm before you tighten the screws. Note that rifles may have integrated bases on the receiver - a definitive factor for CZ and Ruger rifles - or a Weaver- or Picatinny-style top rail in place of a separate base.

In all cases, you mount your optics directly into the grooves the base or rail provides. Your scope rings should be sized for the scope's diameter for a precise, reliable fit.

As for your rings, you will either see a single-piece mount or two-piece rings designed to clamp onto the base. Two-piece rings are more compatible with bolt-action rifles and offer more versatility with other firearms.

Types of Scope Bases

In crafting firearm-specific fitments, Warne Scope Mounts offers the following types of scope bases and rail adapters:

  • Weaver style: This is the most common mounting system, using 7/8-wide bases featuring crosswise recoil slots to receive rings. Warne bases use a one- or two-piece design and allow rings to easily detach from the base without altering the alignment. We use this configuration for our Maxima two-piece scope bases.
  • Picatinny style: Picatinny rails and corresponding rings feature a configuration similar to a Weaver mount. Multiple features differentiate these two types of rails, however. Picatinny rings tend to be thicker, and the rails are characterized by even spacing down the full length, often with deeper slots. This configuration provides a greater degree of mounting options for your scope and lets you change its position with ease.
  • Dovetail bases: While a dovetail ring is designed to fit into a grooved receiver, it's also built to fit into a 3/8-inch base.

Warne Scope Mounts' Scope Bases

The Warne Maxima scope base is constructed out of steel or aluminum, offering a low-profile versatile mounting system that's one of the strongest options available. Offering one- and two-piece scope bases, we modeled our Maxima bases off the Weaver configuration and equip them with a full-width recoil slot in each base for ring attachment.

As an alternative, our two-piece Vapor™ mounts deliver a durable, economical and easy-to-install solution that's constructed out of lightweight aluminum and provides reliable field performance.

Contact our shooting experts today and tell us about your build, and the type of scope you are interested in using. We'll answer all your questions and help you find the best Warne scope mount for your application.