Frequently Asked Questions

Below are many of the most common questions we receive from our customers. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for please reach out to us via our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

For additional and more detailed information make sure you explore our Blog.

eCommerce FAQs

How will my order be shipped and when?

All Warne eCommerce orders are shipped via UPS ground or USPS Priority mail (to PO boxes), FedEx 2 day service is also offered. Typically orders are shipped the next business day M-F excluding holidays. Under certain circumstances orders may be delayed a few days if sales oversell product availability. You will receive tracking information once your order has hit the mail stream.

I keep getting a decline on my order, what's going on?

Setting up an account allows faster check out, saved address, ability to check order status, access to exclusive VIP pricing and wish lists to name a few

What do I do if I need to return or exchange an item?

Please send all returns for refund or exchange to:

9500 SW Tualatin Rd
ATTN: eComm Returns
Tualatin OR 97062

Please use our “contact us“ form to reach out to us with any questions or concerns, your satisfaction is our main priority.

What are the benefits of setting up an account on your website?

Setting up an account allows faster check out, saved address, ability to check order status, access to exclusive VIP pricing and wish lists to name a few

Do you ship outside the US?

Currently, all web orders are shipped to US addresses only.

How do I know if an item is in stock?

If the “ADD TO CART” icon is clickable on specific product page, item should be in stock and ready to ship.

Can I be notified of when an item is back in stock?

Yes, by clicking on the “NOTIFY ME WHEN BACK IN-STOCK” an email will be sent to you when that item becomes available again.

Installation FAQs

A Special Note About Installing Mounts

Always verify that your firearm is UN-LOADED before performing any service on it. Warne recommends that you loosely assemble rings and scope onto firearm prior to final mounting to verify eye relief and ring spacing.


  • Torque Specs are for dry threads, DO NOT USE THREAD-LOCKER COMPOUND except on scope bases & rails.
  • Many scope manufacturers’ have established specific torque ratings for their scope and you must follow their recommended torque.

If you are unsure or do not have the proper tools, please contact a gunsmith for assistance, Warne will not be held liable for stripped/damaged receivers or scopes.

Is it OK to use thread lock on my rings? my Gunsmith said it is okay.

No, We have never found it necessary to apply any thread locker to our rings during assembly, and recommend against it because of possible damage to your scope from over tightening the screws, and ease of dis-assembly and if you ever need to remove your scope from the gun.

What is the recommended torque for Warne rings & mounts?

Please follow the scope or firearm manufacturers’ torque recommendations for tightening your mounts. Warne lists a max torque that we rate for our mounts however certain scope & firearm manufacturers’ recommend a lower torque value and the manufacturers’ torque value should always be used.

Should I use a thread locking compound when installing my news scope bases or rail?

Yes, we recommend that scope mounting bases are secured to the firearm with Blue (non-permanent) thread-locking compound and be torqued to 25 in/lb on steel receivers. Aluminum receivers found on many rifles will require a significantly lower torque value and you should consult your owners manual or firearm manufacturers’ website prior to mounting.

example: taken from the Ruger 10/22 “Attaching scope Base Adapter” instructions, – Starting at the first screw, turn each screw part way in; then move to the next screw, repeating the procedure until all four screws are tightened to a maximum torque setting of 12-15 inch/lb. (Ruger torque values are based on dry threads, no thread-lock compound) Over-tightening will most likely cause the receiver threads to strip out.

My base or rail came with long & short screws, where do they go?

If your bases or rail came with 2 different screw lengths, please use the shorter screws in the front and the longer screws at the rear.

I have some play in the slot of your bases with your rings. What gives?

The recoil key or cross bolt is designed to manage recoil from the firearm to the scope, not to fill the entire gap. Warne recommends that you push the rings forward in the base or rail slots to seat the recoil key or cross bolt to the front, the location it will want to move to under extreme recoil. Similar to placing a chock behind a truck tire to stop it from rolling (down hill).

Do I need to Lap my new Warne scope rings?

No, you do not need to lap our scope rings, they are manufactured in such a way that when properly installed, they grasp onto the scope and hold it securely w/o damaging the scope tube or finish. If the scope rings appear to be out of alignment with each other, a more serious problem may be present and will need to be addressed, lapping would not improve that issue.

Ring & Base FAQs

Do I need a 20MOA scope base?

If you have a BDC style reticle in your scope and don’t plan on dialing each shot, then probably not…

The 20MOA rail is canted down in front to give the extreme long range 800+ yard shooter the ability to zero their firearm at 100yds, and then have more room to adjust their reticle using the elevation turret to compensate for bullet drop. If you have a BDC reticle you will zero your scope between 100-200 yards and then use the BDC reticle to adjust/hold over for distant shots. You’ll be using the additional reticle marks and actually holding over your target and not adjusting your reticle for distance.

For additional information please see our blog “20MOA Explained“. 77/44 etc.

What is the difference between Weaver, Picatinny and STANAG 4694?

The main differences between Maxima (Weaver style) bases and a picatinny rails are the slot depth and width dimensions (fore to aft).

Maxima (Weaver style) bases typically have 1 or 2 slots on the front base and 1 slot on the rear allowing for most scope mounting solutions.

Picatinny Rails (Mil-Spec 1913) have equally spaced slots the entire length of the base, and allow more adjustment for your rings. Picatinny rails also allow use of certain 1 piece mounts and other aiming solutions that require a picatinny interface and typically come in zero or 20MOA.

STANAG 4694 rails utilize the latest NATO standards for scope mounting interfaces. This is essentially the same design as 1913 picatinny rails, but held to tighter tolerances. paired with STANAG compliant rings creates the highest degree of rail clamping surface, and may result in better return to zero.

All Mountain Tech, Maxima Horizontal and Skyline mounts are manufactured to STANAG 4694 specifications, and are compatible with 1913 picatinny. All Mountain Tech, Maxima, Maxima Horizontal rings will fit any weaver style base as well.


(Left image) A typical weaver or picatinny style mount would attach, and make its main contact with the base on the angled sides of the base, both top and bottom, leaving a small gap between the bottom surface of the mount and the top of the base.

(Right image) STANAG 4694 mounts attach by placing pressure to the underside and flat top of the base only. NATO tests have shown that this attachment method can increase repeatable alignment. All 1913 picatinny and STANAG 4694 mounts are interchangeable and will work on either platform.

*except for CZ, Ruger, Tikka and rimfire specific rings that fit their own dovetail actions

Why do some Ruger rings have the number 7 in the part number?

Ruger ring part numbers with the number 7 are designed for the original M77 Ruger firearms that feature the stepped receiver. With the rear of the receiver being lower than the front of the receiver, two different height rings are needed to even things out on the dovetail of the original M77 rifles. Warne Ruger series rings with no number 7 in part number utilize a flat receiver dovetail mounting system. These rings fit the Ruger firearms such as the Mini 14 & 30, Number 1, 77/17, 77/22, 77/44 etc.

Steel vs. Aluminun… Can I mix the two?

You can safely use different scope mounting materials together, aluminum, steel, brass and other alloys don’t interact or cause problems.

Do I have to use a picatinny or 2 piece base set with certain rings?

All Warne ring pairs (excluding 1 piece mounts) are designed to fit either our picatinny or 1 & 2 piece Maxima (weaver style) bases. (except for CZ, Ruger, Tikka and rimfire specific rings that fit their own dovetail actions)

I ordered bases for my rifle, but they won't fit, why?

Firearms are occasionally made on different unexpected action lengths, with different screw sizes or have had a model change that alters the receiver dimensions. Also several older rifles were not designed for scope mounts and may have been one off gunsmith jobs…

Please reach out to Warne using our “contact us” form and we can help you check several dimensions as there may be an alternate fit based on model year or model specific feature changes.

Why shouldn't I use standard height rings on my AR-15?

AR type firearms/Modern Sporting Rifles require a mounting height that similar to the original carry handle peep & front post configuration. Our MSR ideal height rings give you the optimum height and forward cantilever for best cheek weld and eye relief.

Using a lower, non MSR specific ring set will most likely put you in an unnatural shooting stance and may affect your accuracy.

If I remove the scope from my gun and I’m using your Maxima Quick Detach rings, will I have to re-sight in my firearm?

No, our Maxima Quick Detach rings are designed to quickly detach and reattach with no loss of zero.

Where can I find the ring heights for your rings?

The heights of our rings are measured from the top of the base or rail to bottom of the ring saddle. These measurements can be found on each ring product page, please scroll to specifications section.

How much do your products weigh?

The weights of our products can be found on each product page, please scroll to specifications section.

Warranty FAQs

What is Warne's warranty and how do I submit a claim?

Warne Lifetime Warranty

All Warne products carry our quality guarantee against damage or defects in workmanship for the life of the product. No Receipt, No Warranty Card, No Package – No Problem! We will repair or replace (at our discretion) your Warne product in the event it becomes damaged or defective during normal use at no charge to you. High quality firearms accessories & exceptional customer service are our top priorities. We want you to be satisfied and confident that we stand behind our products round after round.

If you’d like to submit a warranty claim please use our “contact us” form and describe your claim with as much detail as possible. One of our technicians will contact you as soon as possible.

How do I get replacement parts for my Warne mounts?

Accidents happen and parts go missing, please use our “contact us” form to request replacement parts for you Warne products. Please include the Warne part number if known and details about what you need. We will fill reasonable part orders at N/C.

Please be sure to include your mailing address to expedite your parts request. If you’re not sure what you need, we will do our best to help you identify the parts needed.