Q: Where do I find more information?

A: There is a wealth of information listed in our Tech Tips Blog.

Q: What is sintered steel?

A: The Sintered steel process presses powdered steel into a mold under intense hydraulic pressure, the resulting parts are then placed in a sintering furnace where the particles are heated to a temperature where they fuse together into a solid piece. This process is used by Porsche and BMW to make the connecting rods used in their engines.

Q: How tight should I tighten the ring screws?

A: We recommend 25 in/lb max torque on all of our Maxima ring screws. The use of our TW1 25 in/lb torque wrench will assure you of properly tightened ring screws as well as base screws.

Q: Do I need a 20MOA scope base?

A: If you have a BDC style reticle in your scope, then probably not…

The 20MOA rail is canted down in front to give the extreme long range 600+ yard shooter the ability to zero their firearm at 100yds, and then have more room to adjust their reticle using the elevation/BDC turret to compensate for bullet drop. If you have a BDC reticle you will zero your scope between 100-200 yards and then use the BDC reticle to adjust/hold over for distant shots. You’ll be using the additional reticle marks and actually holding over your target and not adjusting your reticle for distance.

Q: Do I need to Lap my new Warne scope rings?

A: No, you do not need to lap our scope rings, they are manufactured in such a way that when properly installed, they grasp onto the scope and hold it securely w/o damaging the scope tube or finish. If the scope rings appear to be out of alignment with each other, a more serious problem may be present and will need to be addressed, lapping would not improve that issue.

Q: If I remove the scope from my gun and I’m using your Maxima Quick Detach rings, will I have to re-sight in my firearm?

A: No, our Maxima Quick Detach rings are designed to quickly detach and reattach with no loss of zero.

Q: I bought a set of 7.3/22 tip off rings, where should the dot on the clamp be for an 11mm grooved receiver?

A: Our 7.3/22 rings are designed to fit either 3/8th inch or 11mm. The dot on the clamp should be in the up position for 3/8th inch and down for 11mm.

Q: There are two ½ inch nuts on the side of my R.A.M.P. mount, how tight should I tighten these nuts down?

A: Both our R.A.M.P. mount and our Maxima Tactical Ring nuts are designed to be torqued down to 65 in/lb. Our TW65, 65 in/lb torque wrench, will assure you that you’re right on spec.

Q: Should I use a thread locking compound when installing my new Maxima Scope Bases?

A: Yes, we recommend that scope mounting bases are secured to the firearm with Blue (non-permanent) thread-locking compound and be torqued to 25 in/lb.

Q: Should I use a thread locking compound when installing my new Warne scope rings?

A: No, We have never found it necessary to apply any threadlocker to our rings during assembly, and recommend against it because of possible damage to your scope from over tightening the screws, and ease of dis-assembly and if you ever need to remove your scope from the gun.

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