The Mossberg 464 has been around for a number of years, and has steadily gained popularity with hunters and recreational shooters alike.  For a very reasonable price, a shooter can find this lever action rifle that benefits from design features commonly found on the legendary Winchester 94, and Marlin 336.  The slim lines and light weight of the Winchester 94 make it a dream to carry in the field. The Winchester lacks provisions for mounting a scope (aside from angle eject models), leading shooters to drill the side of the receiver for a side mount, or use a scout rail in place of the rear sight.  Both options are far from ideal which is why many settle for the use of the factory open sights.

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Winchester 94, no provisions for mounting a scope

The Marlin 336 does not have the same slim lines as the Winchester, But it does have a drilled and tapped action for mounting a scope.  The Marlin also uses an overall larger and stronger receiver than the Winchester, making it a great action for harder hitting cartridges like the 45-70 Marlin 1885.  When Mossberg came out with the 464, they were able to incorporate the slim lines, and handling characteristics of the Winchester 94, while offering a strong receiver with the option for scope mounting.

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Mossberg 464 with Maxima bases mounted

The Warne Maxima 2 piece steel base set provides an ideal mounting platform for the Mossberg 464.  The bases are machined by our expert staff in Tualatin Oregon to exacting tolerances.  They are low profile enough to still use the factory sights when the scope is removed.  Having a base that you can see over to use factory sights is ideal since the base does not have to be removed from the gun, and the shooter is able to use either sighting system.


Warne Maxima quick detach rings are the match for this firearm.  Part of the nostalgia to owning a lever action 30-30 rifle is shooting open sights. Having the ability to switch from a magnified optic to open sights on a rifle like this is the best of both worlds.  Open sights are advantageous both as a close range, heavy cover woods rifle, and for those just looking to channel their inner cowboy.  Ageing eyes, poor sight, and extended ranges may require the use of a scope.  When using Warne Maxima quick detach rings, the shooter can quickly remove the scope, and reattach it without loss of zero.  Having a mounting system that allows for the use of open sights as well as a scope makes for a fun, versatile, and practical rifle. With a scope mounted, the Mossberg 464 is one heck of a deer or hog rifle.  So to get the mount out of your 464, check out our mounting options Here.