Advantages of Magazine Extensions

April 23, 2024

Advantages of Magazine Extensions

You’re at a match, and the clock is ticking. You are shooting at a moving target like the revolving plate rack or spinner target. Your mag is empty. You reach for a full mag, which slips out of your fingers. You don’t have time to find it and pick it up. You grab the next mag, and you fire away. Now it’s down to one last target, and you run out of rounds and think to yourself had I only had just a few more rounds left.

shooting at spinning targets with Glock using mag extension.

The Advantages of the Warne Magazine Extension.

In the scenario above, having just a few more rounds in the magazine could have given you a better score. The added grip of the finger groove could have kept you from dropping the mag in the first place.

A larger base pad or extension shooters can experience better control over the firearms during recoil, leading to faster and more accurate follow-up shots. The groove and the inherent design of a mag extension provide a ledge for the fingers to catch onto for faster reloading.

  USPSA competitive shooter reaching for magazine with Warne mag extension.

Warne’s magazine extensions and base pads were designed with both the competitive and defensive shooter in mind to improve performance.

Mag Extensions that Meet USPSA Legal Length.

Many divisions within USPSA have a maximum magazine length of 141.25mm. Limited, Limited 10, Limited Optics, and Carry Optics divisions have this requirement. When we publish that an extension meets this requirement, we say that with it installed, it falls just under 141.25mm in length, making it legal for use in that gun in those divisions.

Look for “Meets USPSA 141.25mm legal length” if shopping for USPSA legal length magazine extensions.

Base Pads for the Restricted States.

Sadly, some states have restrictions on magazine extensions. We make magazine base pads for shooters who can’t take advantage of extra capacity but would still like the other benefits of an aluminum base pad with finger groves.

  conceal carrying a Glock with zero capacity base pad

Color Selection for Warne Magazine Extensions and Base Pads

It’s not all about bling. Aesthetics do play a role in the satisfaction a gun owner gets from owning guns, just like choosing the color of the truck they drive or the color of the team or business they represent. There are more benefits to colored mag extensions, such as coding.

Many shooters and firearm enthusiasts do not own just one Glock or Just one AR15. Someone may have a few Glocks, and having a different color mag extension will differentiate the magazines for quick use. Someone may have P-Mags for both .223 and .300 Blackout. One does not want to mix those two up accidentally. Even though the P-Mags are marked by molding, color coding with mag extensions or base pads may add another level of protection, ensuring the wrong mag is not used.

They could be used to code different bullet weights used for competition. For example, using red for 55 grain and blue ones for 77grain. For a handgun, for example, defensive or practice rounds or .40 or 9mm.

Warne Mag Extensions come in anodized black, red, blue, gray, and dark earth.

different colors of Warne Magazine Extensions and Base pads

AR15 and AR10 P-Mag Extensions

Warne rifle magazine extensions for AR15 and AR10 P-Mags increase your PMAG capacity by 5 rounds for AR15 and AR10, SR25, and LR308 style rifles. Also, have the finger groove for improved mag stripping from a belt or pouch with a more positive insertion. The little bit of added weight can also help with the mag dropping free for faster operation. 

A woman shooting an AR15 using a Warne PMAG extension

Mag Extensions for AICS P-Mags

Using magazine extensions for AICS P-Mags shares the benefits mentioned above. In competitions like PRS and NRL, a shooter may benefit from extra rounds to reach those hard-to-hit targets on a windy day with our +4-mag extension.

  competitive shooter shooting at PRS using Warne AICS mag extension

Ask for Warne magazine extensions at your favorite sporting goods store or gun shop or buy them here. Warne Magazine Extensions .