Scope Mounting Part 1 – Adjusting Eye Relief on a Rifle Scope

March 18, 2020

Scope Mounting Part 1 – Adjusting Eye Relief on a Rifle Scope

Adjusting Eye Relief on a Rifle Scope:

  1. Ensure your rifle is unloaded, action open, and safe to handle. Mount the scope in the scope rings, snugly but without torqueing them. The scope should move with some effort but not be loose enough to move with gravity.
  2. Wear any shooting gear you typically use, such as a backpack for hunters, as these can affect your eye-to-eyepiece distance.
  3. Assume your most common shooting position.
  4. If your scope is variable, set it to the highest magnification.
  5. With the rifle unloaded and pointed safely, conduct the "Eye Relief Test" as mentioned.
  6. Adjust the scope forward or backward until you achieve a "full-sight picture." Typically, there's an optimal eye relief zone of about an inch. Aim to find the sweet spot within this range to maintain good eye relief across various shooting positions.

For instance, if the eye relief is too far, move the scope back until you obtain a full-sight picture. 

Check out the following video or read The Importance of Proper Eye Relief

This video takes a look at how to adjust your scope for correct eye relief. Having the correct eye relief allows for a contestant cheek weld and better groups.