Scope Mounts for a PTR-91 HK-91 G3 style or Cetme Rifle.

April 4, 2023

Scope Mounts for a PTR-91 HK-91 G3 style or Cetme Rifle.

Why put a scope on a PRT-91 or Cetme?

The Cetme is a roller delayed blowback battle rifle developed in Spain in 1953, later improved by Heckler and Koch in Germany, and renamed the Gewehr 3 or G3. This led to the development of the Mp5 HK-94 in 9mm and Hk93 in .223 based on the same design and operating system. H&K later made a Civilian version of the G3 named the HK-91 for sporting purposes, but importation ended in 1989. Since these were manufactured before the invention of the Picatinny Rail, they required a unique claw mount to attach a scope to.

Seeing the interest in these rifles and the surplus of parts, some companies and hobbyists started building Sporting versions of Cetme and G3/HK91.The most well-known companies Century Arms and JLD Enterprise.

Century Arms started building Cetmes with a mix of imported and US parts. JLD being the most notable manufacturer started making HK-91 Style rifles known as the PTR-91 and its variant models. Home builders could assemble their own using US receivers and a combination of US and surplus parts. 

Using the diopter sight with newer, improved triggers on the market today from companies like Timney and trigger jobs by Bill Springfield, an HK90s-style rifle can be pretty accurate. If you are shooting a 7.62x51 or .308 rifle, you have a rifle with capabilities to hit smaller targets at longer ranges further than some can see with open sights. You may be able to see a deer at 300 yards, but hitting it in the vital may be difficult at 200-300 yards with open sights, so putting a scope would seem to be the logical solution.

Cetme, PTR-91, and other G3 clone manufacturers realized this. That is why many of them produce rifles with Picatinny rails welded on top of the receiver so that shooters can take advantage of the rifle’s long-range abilities.

How to mount a scope as low as possible on a PTR-91 HK-91 G3 style or Cetme Rifle.

With most shooters, the goal is to get the scope as close as possible to the barrel without touching it, which would require removing the rear sight, which most shooters don’t want to do unless the rifle is to be used for purposes like hunting or mid-range shooting.

Image of a Cetme with Warne Medium rings with rear sight removed. 

High scope rings for PRT-91 or Cetme

Finding a scope and scope mount for PTR-91, C3, G3 Clone, or Cetme.

Even though the Cetme G3 clone shape makes for a near-perfect cheek weld for a scope using med to high rings, the problem is that the rear sight sits too high to use the perfect ring height. To get the correct eye relief, the scope’s eyepiece or power ring would have to sit right above the rear sight, requiring extra high rings or an MSR mount. Otherwise, the scope sets too far back for proper eye relief, as shown in the photo. 

scope position for a PRT-91 or Cetme

What is the best solution for mounting a scope on PTR-91, Cetme, or HK90s G3-style Rifle?

Mounting a scope using high (not extra high rings) like this would require a scope with short eye relief, shorter or narrower eyepiece, smaller diameter power ring, or fixed power with no power ring. So, the easiest option to allow you to use any scope and maintain a good cheek weld would be to use higher rings. Warne makes  ultra high rings, but the best option would be one of our MSR mounts like the  XSKEL or  QDXSKEL.

best scope mount for a PRT-91 or Cetme

Best MSR mount for PTR-91, Cetme, or HK90s G3 style Rifle.

Although the XSKEL would be great, the best mount for a PTR-91, G3 Clone or Cetme would be a QDXSKEL. Using a QDXSKEL mount for your HK 90s series rifle will allow you to use the iron sights as a backup iron sight (BUIS), making the Warne QDXSKEL the best scope mount for a PTR-91 HK-91 G3 style or Cetme Rifle. You can remove your scope using the quick disconnect throw levers and use your iron sights, then quickly reinstall it to shoot longer ranges. 

Although using an MSR mount may put your scope a little higher than extra high rings, it will give you the clearance you need for most scope bell and objective sizes to use on your Cetme, PTR, or G3 style rifle to get the proper eye relief, still get a good cheek weld and clear the rear sight. It still may be necessary to get a riser or comb to get the best cheek weld, depending on the shape of your face. Since most of my shooting is with a scope, I personally don't need a riser and find it more comfortable to shoot with a scope than the open sights. 

PTR-91 Scope Mount Cetme Scope Mount

The  QDXSKEL will Return-to- Zero if removed and put back in the same Picatinny slots removed from following the included instructions.

Will Mounting a Scope Interfere with Charging a PTR-91, G3-Style Rifle?

Most scopes will not interfere with charging.  In the photos I am using a ZeroTech  Vengeance with a large 50mm objective. It did interfere with the ability to "slap" the charging handle, but I had no problems pulling the charging handle into to locking slot then releasing it with a slap of the side of my hand or just using my thumb.