Shotgun Rib Red Dot Mounts

March 11, 2024

Shotgun Rib Red Dot Mounts

We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation for 2024, the Warne Shotgun Rib Mount . Crafted and made entirely in the USA, this mount redefines versatility and simplicity for shotgun enthusiasts, giving hunters and competitive shooters an edge—three different models to fit almost every reflex red dot optic on the market.

3 different Shotgun rib mounts from Warne

This groundbreaking mounting solution features a low-profile universal mounting plate compatible with various popular red dot sights, including reflex, MICRO®, and ACRO® interfaces.

Constructed from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, the Warne Shotgun Rib Mount boasts an adjustable design that effortlessly fits most shotgun vent ribs. Our proprietary clamp ensures easy installation without drilling or tapping, securely attaching directly to vented rib barrels.

Trijicon RMR on a shotgun rib mount

Turkey Hunting with a Red Dot Benefits 

turkey hunting with a red dot on a shotgun rib mount

Something most shotgunners know to be consistent is to have perfect form. Perfect form is practiced while standing, hitting flying birds or clays. When hunting turkeys, hunters shoot at turkeys on the ground, usually in sitting positions, while limiting their movement. A turkey may not present itself in the perfect spot for a setting shot without having to twist around to get a good shot, which throws off your form. The shot pattern is smaller with turkey hunting, so combining that with imperfect form will cause misses. Having a red dot gives the hunter a precise point of aim, so perfect form is no longer an issue. It's just a matter of putting the dot on the target and squeezing the trigger.

Another advantage of a red dot on a shotgun for turkey hunting is that a hunter can use an optic to range the turkey by knowing how big a turkey is in the optic for a certain range.

shooting a turkey with a red dot and shotgun rib mount

Advantages of using a red dot on a shotgun for duck hunting are pretty much the same reason as it is for hunting turkeys. Duck hunters who shoot in sitting positions, like from a boat, may not be able to get into perfect form in time for a direct hit whereas with a red dot they can just put a dot on the duck and shoot.

One may not gain as much advantage with using a red dot for game birds like pheasant because the hunter is walking and can achieve perfect form for most shots; however, some reflex shots may have been hits had they been more precise.

Red Dot for a 3-Gun, Multi-Gun Competition Shotgun

red dot for competition shotgun shooting steel targets

There are divisions when it comes to multi-gun competitions. Some divisions allow an optic to be used on a shotgun but still require it to be tube-fed rather than an open-class mag-fed shotgun. Using a red dot when shooting slugs is a huge benefit, and that's when a red dot's pinpoint accuracy comes into play. Also, in multi-gun competitions, a competitor may have to shoot in awkward positions on or around a barricade where perfect form cannot be achieved.

Red Dots for Cross-Eyed Dominate Shooters Shooting Shotgun

There are a lot of sportspeople out there who may be right-handed but left-eye dominant or vice versa. When hunting with a rifle, this matters little because rifle shooters are aiming by aligning sights or using an optic, but when it comes to shooting a shotgun, where there is an advantage of shooting with both eyes open, a cross-dominant shooter is at a disadvantage, they usually must close their dominate eye and point and aim with their weak eye. Using a red dot, one can aim using the weak eye with the red dot, and the dominant eye can remain open to get the full field of view.


Using a Warne Shotgun Rib Red dot mount allows hunters to use their traditional trusty ribbed shotguns for hunting and competition without the need to drill and tap the receiver or purchase a new shotgun with mounting holes. The Warne SGRM attaches to a shotgun rib.

Warne Shotgun Rib Mount marks a significant leap forward in shotgun optics. Our unique clamp design allows for a lower-sight picture than Picatinny-mounted optics, enhancing the shooting experience for hunters, competitors, and tactical users.

Whether you're into turkey, waterfowl, upland bird hunting, or enjoy clays, competition, or tactical shooting, the Warne Shotgun Rib Mount offers unmatched performance and convenience. With a starting weight of just 1.6 ounces, you can enjoy enhanced precision without sacrificing maneuverability.

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skeet shooting with a red dot using a shotgun rib mount

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