Warne Spotlights: Dawn Lehmanowsky – Accounting Clerk II

July 27, 2018

Warne Spotlights: Dawn Lehmanowsky – Accounting Clerk II

When it comes to accounting, there is no better person to ask than Dawn Lehmanowsky. She moved from California to Oregon in 1994 and has a bit of an adventurous side. She enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, riding motorcycles, and riding wave runners across lakes with her husband of thirty years, three children, four grandkids, and her two rescued Boxers, Gracie and Axel. She also has enjoyed roller skating since she was in middle school and participates in roller derby competitions for the fun and exercise of the sport.

Focusing on her field of interest as early as high school, Dawn has always enjoyed crunching numbers and learning more about banking. The banking industry was vastly expanding at the time and she eventually found herself tackling accounts in each position she held. At Warne, she manages and records all bill payments of account receivables and payables for every dayneeds around the company. She is also responsible for creating invoices for shipping, collecting money from other accounts, and preparing bank deposits daily.

One of Dawn’s biggest challenges is working in account receivables, however, this is her favorite part of the job. She enjoys seeing the process from start to finish and feels great fulfillment in her work as she goes through each account. She finds one of her biggest achievements in her work so far is understanding collections and being able to conquer them. Her goal coming into work every day is to bring in all the receivables and provide the best management over allaccounts so each one is organized and running smoothly. Her future goal is to grow her skills into HR management and to expand her skills in differentdepartments. Dawn plans to further her education to develop these skills to reach her career goals.

“A lot of the people here are helpful …. Warne has a bunch of good accounts too that make it easier and enjoyable.”

As she is about to celebrate her one year anniversary with Warne, Dawn truly appreciates the supportive, helpful community that surrounds her. She enjoys her job and working with all the current wonderful accounts. She looks forward to her future success and growth with Warne.