USL1 Warne Universal Scope Level, 1 inch

  • Attaches to scope tube.
  • Helps keep scope reticle level.
  • Easy to see from shooting position.
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Available in 1, 30mm,34mm and 35mm size.
Designed and MADE IN USA

Universal Scope Mount Bubble Level Easily attaches to scope tube, in left or right configurations, to keep the scope reticle level without changing position on the rifle. Keeping the scope reticle consistently level is critical as target distances increase, Warne's new Skyline Universal Scope Level allows shooters to easily keep the reticle level without changing their position on the rifle. Whether moving through thick brush or storing your rifle in a case or scabbard, our patent pending design allows the shooter to deploy or stow the indicator with a simple push or pull. Easily attaches to your scope tube for right or left hand configurations. Look for Warne's complete line of Skyline Precision Shooting Accessories at your favorite retailer.

  • Easily attaches to your scope
  • Made of 6061 Aluminum
  • Weight 0.9 oz
  • Available in 1 inch, 30mm, 34mm and 35mm
  • Ambidextrous
  • Designed and MADE IN USA

Perfect for use in PRS, NRL, Precision Rifle Series
Warne is a Proud Sponsor of the PRS


Part Number:
Dimension A:
1 inch
Finish Color:
Matte Black
1 oz
Scope Tube Diameter:
1 inch
1 inch scope tubes