7951M Precision Bipod - Claw Foot

  • Additional Flotation.
  • For loose or loamy surfaces.
  • Fits 7901M & 7902M bipods only
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Fits Picatinny or ARCA versions.
Designed and MADE IN USA

Warne® Skyline™ Claw feet give you the additional flotation needed for stable shooting on loose or loamy surfaces where ordinary feet would sink in. Designed to fit Warne’s Skyline Precision Bipod, the feet articulate to accommodate different leg angles to maximize contact on uneven terrain. Made from aluminum and stainless steel, the feet are also designed with a rubber washer to prevent the threads from loosening. This tool-less design works by simply screwing the foot into place on the bipod leg until tight. A wrench may be used on the flats of the threaded extension if extra force is needed.

Perfect for use in PRS, NRL, Precision Rifle Series
Warne is a Proud Sponsor of the PRS

Does not fit Skyline LITE Bipods 7911M, 7912M or 7913M


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2.7 oz
Warne 7901M or 7902M Skyline bipods