Best Scope Rings of 2021

April 11, 2021

Best Scope Rings of 2021

The Best Scope Rings of 2021

Whether you’re looking for one-inch scope rings, 30mm scope rings – or perhaps something a bit more non-standard, like tactical-oriented 34mm scope rings – Warne Scope Mounts has you covered. Here’s a selection of some of the best scope rings of 2021, designed to fit a variety of firearms, and outperform in variable terrain and weather conditions.

The Best Scope Rings for Long-Range Shooting

If precision at long range is what you’re after, you might need a high-performance single-piece ring mount. Warne’s line of Skyline Precision Mounts was designed for hunters targeting game from long distances. Skyline rings are also perfect for competition shooters looking for a competitive edge.

The Skyline Precision 7818M 1 PC Precision Cantilever Mount 30mm MSR , designed and made in U.S., utilizes 7075 T6 aluminum. This mount incorporates two integral recoil lugs, plus four for mounting, making it an ideal solution for MSR rifle owners searching for the best scope rings for long-range shooting. The military-style rail interface offers more accurate mounting alignment, along with a better return to zero capability compared to a Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny interface. This MSR mount fits all Picatinny rails while offering precise eye relief at the same time.

Moving up to 34mm scope rings and mounts, our 7825M 1 PC Precision Cantilever 34mm MSR Mount is an impressive piece of design – if we do say so ourselves. It comes with all of the strengths of our Skyline Precision mounts, including a substantial 2″ cantilever, offering optimal eye relief plus 10 separate positions for mounting a variety of MSR accessories (data cardholder, precision mount level, etc.). Anyone looking for high-end long-range scopes with more internal travel will appreciate the specs and performance of our Skyline Precision 34mm single-piece mount.

The Best Scope Rings for Heavy Recoil

Warne Scope Mounts has years of experience designing high-performance scope rings and rails built to handle heavy recoil. Our scope rings and mounts all come with a precise, reliable fit that will give you confidence in every shot.

Warne Scope Mountain Tech 30MM Rings are lightweight but extremely tough. Designed with 7075 aluminum, with an anodized hard coat finish, these rings – coming with tactical nut attachments for remarkably secure clamping – can handle heavy recoil with ease, as can our 7201M Warne Mountain Tech One-Inch Medium Matte Rings .

Warne Scope Mounts Scope Rings

These examples are just a small sample of the rugged, precision scope rings and mounts we design and build. We offer a catalog of accessories designed for shooters by shooters for different firearms. Check out our products on our website or drop us a line to learn how our friendly staff can help you out when it comes to your firearm needs.