CZ Rifles for Hunting to Precision Shooting.

July 28, 2023

CZ Rifles for Hunting to Precision Shooting.

A Brief History of CZ Firearms 

The CZ brand emerged in the Czech Republic in 1918 as Austro-Hungarian Artillery doing repair work and assembly. By 1925, CZ focused on manufacturing anti-aircraft guns and small arms. In 1936 CZ Firearms was formed. In 1998 CZ expanded and formed CZ-USA. Its offerings include an impressive lineup of hunting rifles and sporting firearms. Today, CZ firearms are synonymous with precision, durability, and exceptional performance. CZ75 handgun.

CZ are well known for their handguns, and CZ rifles have experienced a surge in popularity among shooters worldwide, and for good reason. One of the key factors contributing to their appeal is their exceptional accuracy, which stems from the precise engineering and meticulous attention to detail that CZ is renowned for. CZ rifles consistently deliver outstanding results, whether for hunting, sport shooting, or tactical applications.

hunting squirrels with CZ455 Rimfire.

Popular and Notable CZ Models

CZ 527: Specifically designed as a scaled-down bolt action rifle, the CZ 527 is available in different calibers and configurations. Its lightweight construction, compact size, and smooth action make this rifle a versatile platform that excels in varmint to medium game hunting and makes for an excellent woods rifle.

CZ 550: Embodying a classic bolt-action design, the CZ 550 epitomizes robustness and reliability. Available in standard and magnum calibers, this rifle caters to big-game hunters across continents. The CZ 550's timeless design, exceptional accuracy, and remarkable durability make it a cherished choice for hunters worldwide.

CZ 557: Representing a modern centerfire rifle, the CZ 557 boasts a short extractor and a seamlessly operating bolt. With various calibers and stock configurations, the CZ 557 provides hunters and precision shooters with a reliable platform delivering unparalleled accuracy.

The 527, 550 and 557 have been discontinued to make way for newer models.

Young lady shooting CZ557 with Warne Scope Mounts for Leica Scope

hunter in tree stand aiming CZ557 with warne scope mounts and leupold LPVO

The CZ 600 is one of the latest additions to CZ's illustrious rifle lineup. Although specifications may vary, between the models of the CZ600 from classic wood stock models like the CZ600 Alpha to the CZ 600 Trail with innovative features, including a modular chassis system, improved ergonomics, and advanced barrel technology, offering shooters an elevated level of performance and adaptability.

Aftermarket Accessories for CZ Rifles.

CZ rifles have a thriving aftermarket accessories market, as with any popular firearm. The CZ 457 has garnered attention from aftermarket manufacturers such as KRG, Timney, Proof Research and others to customize its performance. Shooters can find options, including aftermarket stocks, triggers, barrels, and muzzle devices tailored specifically for the CZ 457. These accessories allow shooters to fine-tune the rifle to their preferences, optimizing its performance for different shooting disciplines and environments.

Customized CZ457 with aftermarket accessories

Warne Scope Mounts for CZ Rifles:

When it comes to mounting optics on CZ rifles, Warne is widely regarded as the best choice. Warne has gained a reputation for producing top-quality scope mounts designed to fit CZ rifles , ensuring a secure and precise mounting solution. The company's commitment to precision manufacturing and attention to detail make their scope mounts a perfect match for CZ rifles.

Warne offers fixed scope rings and quick disconnect scope rings for integral mounts for the 527 (16mm dovetail) and 550/557 (19mm). And Warne makes a popular dovetail to Picatinny rail mount, the 7757M CZ 457 11mm Picatinny Rail Adapter, 15MOA, which attaches to the CZ457 dovetail allowing the use of Picatinny scope rings for more mounting options also allowing 15MOA of cant so a shooter can adjust thier scope for longer distances. 

These mounts are crafted to the highest standards, utilizing durable materials and innovative design features. Shooters can trust Warne scope mounts to provide a rock-solid platform for their optics, ensuring consistent accuracy and repeatability shot after shot.

CZ Rimfire Rifles for Precision Competitions like NRL22 and PRS22

Among the notable models, the CZ 457 is a highly regarded rimfire rifle among rimfire precision shooters. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the CZ 455, the CZ 457 offers improved features and enhanced performance. The rifle's action has been refined for smoother cycling, resulting in faster follow-up shots. With a modular design, shooters can easily switch barrels to adapt to different shooting scenarios. The CZ 457's exceptional accuracy, reliability, and versatility have made it a favorite among small-game hunters and especially NRL22 and PRS22 Rimfire Competitions Shooters.

Shooting a CZ457 at a NRL22 match