Hunting with an AR-10, SR-25, or LR308 Style Rifle

August 10, 2022

Hunting with an AR-10, SR-25, or LR308 Style Rifle

The AR10 and the SR25 were initially made to shoot 7.62x51 NATO, then the .308 Winchester. Manufacturers have started making them in other chamberings like the .243 Winchester, .338 Federal, and 6.5 Creedmoor.

The lightweight versions of the Ar10/SR25/LR308 style rifles are great for hunting due to their tactical design. They are just as much a Modern Hunting Rifle as a Modern Sporting Rifle. The AR10 style MSR in .308 Win can take down even a large animal like an elk with proper shot placement within effective range. The protruding ergonomic pistol grip allows for more control and steady aim.

Hunting with an AR10 LR308

The Tactical Hunting Advantage of the AR-10/SR-25/LR308 MSR

The carbine versions are great for moving through thick brush, holding the rifle close to the body for making less noise with less hanging up on branches. The AR10 tactical/sporting design allows it to be carried in a ready position. They are faster to handle when stalking prey. The AR10 carbines with collapsible stocks are easier to transport because they're shorter, which also aids in keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction while getting in and out of a vehicle.

Because AR-10s have a modular forearm they can use tactical slings. Tactical slings allow additional carry options, unlike traditional over-the-shoulder slings, which only have one supported carry position. You can carry in a duty-ready position with the rifle in your hands but still supported with your shoulder. Some Tactical slings will enable you to cinch up the sling so you can carry a gun close to your body for moving through tight areas and thick brush. Tactical slings also provide hands-free positions so that you can use your hands to help climb and drag out your game.

Tactical sling advantages for hunting

Are AR-10s Too Heavy to Use for Hunting?

There is a drawback to hunting with an AR10/SR25/LR308 rifle. They are usually heavy, especially if you have a 20" barrel. Even some of the carbines can be heavy unless you use a lightweight barrel lighter than standard components. Handguards have gotten lighter with the new MLOK and Key Mod designs, removing the unnecessary weight of the Picatinny rails. Also, some manufacturers are making lightweight carbon fiber handguards. There are ways to reduce the overall weight ounce by ounce.

Tactical Hunting Scope Mounts For an AR10, SR25, and LR308 style rifle.

Most AR10/SR25/LR308 rifles have a Picatinny rail upper receiver perfect for a one-piece scope mount like the Warne XSKEL or the Skyline Precision MSR Mount. The Warne XSKEL can take whatever beating a .308 can dish out, made of lightweight aluminum with threaded steel inserts. Skeletonized in the right areas to be light but engineered for heavy repeat recoil, made in the USA.

One thing to note is that there is a slight difference between the 7.62x51 NATO and the .308 cartridge, so if you have a 7.62x51 NATO barrel, you should consult the barrel maker to ensure that it is safe to shoot .308 Winchester through it.

Warne has the perfect mount for your AR10 SR25 LR308 for hunting, competition, or long-range shooting. To learn more about the best scope mount for your AR10 style rifle, check out Find the Best Scope Mount for an AR-10, SR-25 or LR-308 style rifle.