Scope Mounts for Tikka 595 and 695 to the Tikka T3X

September 29, 2023

Scope Mounts for Tikka 595 and 695 to the Tikka T3X

Tikka Rifles, manufactured by Sako Limited, a Finnish firearms company, have gained great popularity due to their renowned reputation for accuracy and precision. They have cold-hammer-forged barrels and innovative designs, making them the preferred choice for hunters, sport shooters, and competitive marksmen.

Whether it's stalking game in challenging terrain or participating in precision shooting competitions, Tikka rifles have earned their place in the hands of those who demand accuracy, quality, and value in their firearms.

The Popularity of the Tikka T3X

Many shooting enthusiasts have become fans of Tikka T3x line of sporting rifles. The Finnish company has added innovative features and improvements over the previous Tikka T3. Depending on the model of T3X, improvements from improved stock options, "match grade" trigger, and detachable magazine.

These are some of the industry's most adaptable rifles, making them popular for shooting enthusiasts who enjoy creating a custom build. Tikka guarantees 1 MOA accuracy before being sold, making them particularly satisfying to shoot.

Tikka T3x scope mounts

Mounting a Scope to a Tikka T3 and T3X

The T3 and T3x come with a dovetail rail machined into the receiver, and for those who prefer Picatinny rails, they also machined robust screw holes for attaching a Picatinny rail.

Warne has 2-piece rails as well as 0 MOA Picatinny Rails. For long-range shooters, Warne also has 20 MOA Picatinny rail for Tikka rifles. The advantage of the 2-piece rail is to use a wider variety of scope rings versus using the dovetail, and the advantage of a Picatinny rail is not only to be able to use a wider range of scope rings but also to have more positions for mounting a scope to get proper eye relief. Proper eye relief is very important; scopes come in many lengths with different eye reliefs. The Tikka 3TX does come with extra slots if you want to use the dovetail rings that should accommodate a variety of scope lengths, whereas the Tikka 3T does not.

This decision is yours, but Warne has you covered, whichever you decide.

Scope Mounts for The Tikka 595 and Tikka 695

The Tikka 595 and 695 are predecessors to the Tikka T3X. They have the Tikka Dovetail so the rings for the T3/T3X will fit the 595 and 695. However, if you are planning to add a base, only Warne’s 2-piece Maxima “Weaver style” bases fit. Tikka T3/T3x Picatinny rails will not fit a 595 or 695.

Warne Mounting Solutions for Tikka Rifles

Warne manufactures Tikka dovetail rings that attach directly to Tikka's dovetail system and Picatinny Rails and mounts specifically made to fit Tikka Rifles. While the Tikka dovetail design with the recoil lug is certainly robust, opting for a Picatinny rail or our two-piece bases, in conjunction with our standard Maxima or Mountain Tech rings, proves to be the superior choice for heavy-recoiling rifles. Additionally, the recoil hole on Tikka rifles, while generally accommodating most scopes and shooters, can occasionally present challenges in achieving the desired eye relief, especially with specific scopes and facial shapes. In contrast, the Picatinny Rail offers a wider range of positions for mounting a scope, facilitating the attainment of perfect eye relief. If you've encountered difficulties achieving proper eye relief with Tikka Dovetail rings, transitioning to a Picatinny Rail is the ideal solution. 

tikka scope rings

And for you long-range shooters taking advantage of the Tikka 3TX/3T long-range accuracy abilities, Warne also makes a 20 MOA Picatinny Rail, allowing you more elevation adjustment from your rifle scope for those 600+yard shots.

  picatinny rail for tikka rifle

So, if you are looking for the best scope mounts for Tikka Rifle, Warne Scope Mounts features some of the best in the industry using innovations built off John Llewellyn Warne's commitment and scope mount designs to make mounts that would hold your scope in place giving you confidence in every shot.

Our Mountain Tech rails are a good example. Made from high-quality, military-grade aluminum, Mountain Tech rails are strong yet lightweight, creating an outstanding base for your scope that will withstand the abuse of backcountry hunts.

Our Maxima Tikka rings are designed to optimize the T3X's features. Made in the U.S., we use solid steel for a vertically split design that keeps your scope in place while handling the hardest hitting recoil. We have 1-inch and 30-mm rings available, so take your pick based on your scope. The T3X models, with their extra screw placements, also allow for larger scopes. 

tikka T3 scope mounts with vortex scope

Warne Innovation

Our staff members know their way around a rifle and have spent plenty of days at the range and on the hunt, so they can help you find the best scope mounts for your needs.

We've been in business since 1991, focusing on scope mounts, helping people like you gain confidence in every shot, but our company's history goes back much further. We have become one of the most reputable names in the industry because of our commitment to quality manufacturing in the U.S. Discover the difference for yourself, no matter what rifle you use.


Is there any difference between scope rings and bases between the Tikka T3X and T3?

There is no difference between the scope rings and bases for a Tikka T3X and 3T. The rings and bases of a T3 will fit the T3X and many of the older models of Tikka Rifles.

How do I mount a scope on a Tikka using Warne Tikka Dovetail Rings?

Check out this video, which covers installing a scope using Warne Tikka Dovetail Rings .