Warne Skyline Lite Bipod for Rapid and Precision-Shooting.

January 18, 2024

Warne Skyline Lite Bipod for Rapid and Precision-Shooting.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the Skyline® Lite bipod. We here at Warne have always been dedicated to pushing the boundaries in shooting accessories, and the Skyline Lite is no exception. With its enhanced strength and versatility, this bipod offers shooters a robust and adaptable platform, perfect for a wide range of shooting pursuits.

Back in 2018, we introduced the groundbreaking Skyline Precision bipod, which received high praise for its patented design and durable construction. Building on the success of its predecessor, the newly unveiled Skyline Lite Bipod delivers a feature-rich experience at an affordable price point. We're excited to see how this new addition enhances the shooting experience for our customers.

The Features of the Skyline Lite Bipod

The adaptable bipod comes with various head orientations, including  Picatinny quick-detachARCA, quick-detach, and fixed Picatinny, providing flexibility to suit different setups. With a total cant range of 44°, it features a user-friendly cant tension lever for effortless one-handed adjustments without losing sight of the target. Notably, it offers a quick-deploy feature from a horizontal position, along with three locking leg positions at 0°, 45°, and 90°. The legs boast 13 height increments, ranging from 6.5” to 11.15”.

The Skyline Lite Bipod incorporates an A.R.M.S.® 17S universal head interface, allowing compatibility with multiple mounting configurations.

What sets it apart is the reversible and interchangeable bipod heads. For instance, if you initially purchase the bipod with a Picatinny head for your AR-15 with a Picatinny rail and later decide to use it for your long-range precision rifle with an ARCA rail, you have the option to buy a second head tailored to the specific mounting surface you are utilizing. Skyline Lite Bipod with Picatinny, ARCA and Fixed Head

The Skyline Lite Bipod for AR-15 and AR-10/SR-25 Rifles

The Skyline Lite bipod lite is the perfect height for AR-15, AR-10 and SR25 style rifles with a 30-round mag off the bench or in prone position without extending the legs, and in the 45-degree position, it can get low when necessary. Its durability and QD feature make it a perfect bipod for multi-gun and 3-gun obstacle speed shooting competitions where a competitive shooter can use a bipod for some obstacles but not others. Being able to add and remove it quickly will ensure a better score. 

Warne-Skyline Lite bipod on an AR15

The Skyline Lite Bipod for Hunting Rifles

The Skyline Lite bipod is also well-suited for traditional hunting rifles. Installing a WARNE 7953M Sling Swivel Assessory Rail onto a rifle's existing swivel stud gives the hunting rifle a Picatinny rail for the QD Picatinny head to attach to while still being able to attach a sling. Being a hunter, I have run into occasions where I wished I had a bipod but didn't have one because, most of the time, a fixed attached bipod gets in the way. With the QD Bipod, I can quickly install the bipod in the field when I need it and take it off when I don’t.

Warne-Skyline Lite bipod on Hunting RIfle

The Skyline Lite Bipod for Precision Rifles.

What precision rifle would be complete without good shooting bags and a versatile, quality bipod? For precision long-range shooting, the Skyline Lite Bipod is a fine choice for the reasons mentioned above, using either a QD Picatinny head or an ARCA Head for rapid repositioning of the bipod when seconds count. 

Skyline Lite bipod for precision rifle

The Warne Skyline Lite bipod is also great for general range use when sighting in your rifle scope or tightening your groups.

Premium Bipods Made In the USA

" The design and materials chosen for the Skyline Lite Bipod represent a meticulous process aimed at achieving the perfect balance of strength and lightweight performance ," says Victor Ianciuc, Director of Operations at Warne.

Crafted with precision from aircraft-grade aluminum and coated with a resilient Hardcoat anodize finish, the Skyline Lite bipod is engineered to withstand the harshest environments while maintaining its lightweight design. Originating from the USA, its design and manufacturing encapsulate the ideal fusion of durability and precision, making it a reliable companion for various shooting endeavors. To shop for the Skyline Lite Bipod, ask your favorite sporting goods dealer or shop here to shop for the Skyline Lite Bipod.