Warne Spotlights: Sean Ash – Customer Service/Technical Support Representative

March 20, 2017

Warne Spotlights: Sean Ash – Customer Service/Technical Support Representative

From assembling firearms by day to rocking out on his drums by night, Sean Ash has made his passion for music and firearms his career. He has spent twenty years in the automotive industry and education field while drumming for multiple bands until he pursued his interest in becoming a building inspector. However, during this time, he was in an accident that made him reconsider what he truly enjoyed in his life. With that, he decided tofurther his education at Sonoran Desert Institute with an Associate of Science in Firearms Technology and use his degree to become an NRA Firearms Instructor and a Range Safety Officer.

“If I don’t have a firearm in my hand, I usually have an instrument.”

Born and raised on in Virginia, Sean continues to be inspired by all types of music from Bluegrass to Rock. He received his first guitar at five and his first drum set at ten which helped him develop his skills in becoming the drummer he is today. While visiting Oregon during one of his concerts, he fell in love with the state and decided he didn’t want to leave the west coast. He returned to Virginia, packed up his things, and moved across the country in 1998 where he met his wife and started a family with her and later their son.

Sean is a constant tinkerer of all things in firearms and automotive. He starts from scratch, using all aspects of woodwork and metalwork materials while gathering inspiration from some of hisheroes, Sam Colt, and John Browning, for his designs. He loves being able to create and take on bigger challenges to have greater results once he has conquered his obstacles within his builds. With each new build he completes, he gains more knowledge he can use as a Customer Service/Technical Support representative within the firearms industry.

As a Customer Service/Technical Support representative at Warne, Sean loves being able to help customers find the parts they need orhelp them assemble their firearms with the knowledge he has learned for over the last five years of assembling firearms himself. He strives to exceed customer satisfaction and aims at getting everyone the parts and/or screws they need while having the freedom to increase his knowledge in firearms. He’ll always enjoy working here at Warne when he can learn new tricks from the customers themselves.

“The coolest thing about working here is talking to the old-time gunsmiths and picking up on some of their tips
and tricks and definitely the customers. I’ve made somereally goodfriends here at Warne.”