The Ruger American Rimfire rifle is quickly becoming one of the most popular bolt action rimfire firearms on the market.  One unique feature of the rifle is the fact that it comes with iron sights, as well as an interchangeable butt pad with a higher cheek piece for shooting with a scope. Warne offers a few different options for these popular rifles, and one of the simplest scope mounts options are our 7.3/.22 ring series.  The Warne 7.3/.22 rings are designed to fit either a 3/8″ or 11mm dovetail (depending on the ring clamp orientation).  Since the Ruger uses a high crown 3/8″ dovetail, these particular rings are a great option.  They are offered in 1″ and 30mm tube sizes, medium or high heights, fixed or quick detach (quick detach for 1″ tube only), and matte black, gloss black, or silver finish.  The 7.3/.22 rings are a simple and economical option for users who want to mount directly to the dovetail, or for those shooters who prefer to keep the ability to shoot iron sights.  When these rings are removed from the rifle, there is no scope base in the way of the sights.

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If you prefer a weaver style mount, we also offer a 2 piece steel weaver style base set for the American Rimfire.  The Maxima steel base set offers the advantage to use large or heavy optics, in the most secure mounting system on the market.  A weaver style base set offers a much more versatile mounting system, while providing a stable platform for any scope size. It gives the shooter the ability to use Maxima quick detach rings for reliable return to zero performance, or fixed rings for a more permanent solution.  No matter what scope you are planning on using for your Ruger American Rimfire, Warne has a great option for you. For more information check out our Scope Mount Selector.

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