Scope Mounts for Bergara Rifles

May 8, 2024

Scope Mounts for Bergara Rifles

Bergara Rifles was founded in 2004 in the town of Bergara, Spain, which has a long tradition of gun making. The company initially started as a barrel manufacturer, specializing in producing high-quality barrels for firearms. In 2013, Bergara expanded its operations to include complete rifle manufacturing. Leveraging its expertise in barrel production, Bergara began producing precision rifles known for their accuracy and craftsmanship.

In 2015, Bergara entered a partnership with BPI Outdoors, a renowned distributor of firearms and outdoor products. This collaboration helped Bergara gain a stronger foothold in the American market, where it became well-known among hunters, competitive shooters, and precision rifle enthusiasts.

Over the years, Bergara Rifles has earned a reputation for producing high-quality firearms. Its rifles have garnered praise from precision competition shooters, hunters, and industry experts alike for their accuracy, durability, and value.

Scope Mounts for Bergara Rifles

Hunting with a Bergara B-14 rifle

Bergara offers a range of Centerfire and rimfire rifles to choose from, but selecting a base that fits the shooter's needs best can sometimes be a challenge. We are here to help point you in the right direction. Currently, Bergara offers many options for centerfire rifles, but they are all based on 2 actions: the B-14 and the Premier. When it comes to the B-14, things are straightforward as they use the same style scope bases as a Remington 700. Warne offers 2-piece bases in our Maxima and Vapor series that will fit, and there are 1-piece Picatinny rails from our Vapor and Mountain Tech product families that are a great option as well. Regardless of which sub-model of the rifle, if it is a B-14 action, the bases listed below will be the way to go.

Scope Bases for the Bergara B-14

2-piece Weaver-style bases.

- Vapor V402/476M

- Maxima M902/876M

1-piece Picatinny rails.

Short Action

- Vapor V473M, V473-20MOA

- Mountain Tech 7673M, 7673-20MOA

- Tactical Steel M673M, M673-20MOA

Long Action

- Vapor V474M, V474-20MOA

- Mountain Tech 7674M, 7674-20MOA

- Tactical Steel M674M, M674-20MOA

Scope Mounts for the Bergara Premier

The other action style Bergara offers for centerfire rifles is called the Premier, and this action has some differences from the B-14. Early versions of the Premier action share the same bases as a Savage round receiver but use larger 8-40 screws. More recent and current versions of the action share the same style bases as a Remington 700 but also use the larger 8-40 style screws. If you are unsure which action you have, look at the rear receiver height in relation to the front. If it matches the front receiver radius and height, then you may have an older model that uses the Savage style bases; if it is slightly lower and has a flatter radius on the rear receiver, it is a current production model.

Current Production Premier scope bases

2-piece Weaver-style bases.

1-piece Picatinny rails

Short Action

Long Action

If you are unsure if you want a 2-piece Weaver-style base set or a 1-piece Picatinny Rail, read more about the advantages of each here 2-piece Weaver vs. 1-piece Picatinny.

Scope Mounts on a Bergara Premier Rifle

Mounting a Scope on a Bergara Chassis Rifle for PRS or NRL-Style Precision Rifle Competitions.

Bergara rifles are commonly used in precision rifle competitions like NRL and PRS because of their accuracy. The Bergara Premier Comp Rifle comes from Bergara in an MPA BA Chassis. Although this rifle looks really different in a chassis, it still uses the same bases.

Two popular mounting solutions for the Bergara Premier Comp Rifles.

Some shooters use traditional rings like our Mountain Tech Series Rings , which are lightweight and precision-made. In contrast, others will use the Warne Skyline Precision one-piece mount to take advantage of the ability to attach accessories to the mount rather than the optic, like the Skyline Bubble Level and the Data Card Holder

 Team Warne shooting PRS with a Bergara Premier with Warne Scope Mounts

When shooting rifles known for their accuracy, like a Bergara rifle, choose a precision scope mount from Warne. Made in the USA for hunters and precision shooters.